When The Traffic Blog Goes Down, But Adsense Earnings Up, Why?

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Page view blog suddenly plummeted without knowing the cause is the most dreaded by bloggers who are serious memonetize or make her blog as a source of income on line from the ad.

Downs view or the number of visitors, normally of course can be very influential towards the income from advertising, to what effect? A clear view down so earnings will generally go down too so the fall in the number of blog visitors can indeed significantly lower advertising revenue be it adsense, mgid, adnow, adsensecamp or other types of advertising.

What causes view blog down?

Some of the causes page view a blog suddenly plummeted, from a variety of information circulating on the internet and the results of the samples here and there from some sites indeed competent discusses about blog, it turns out that there are several causes of decline visitor or view blog can be summarized below, among others:
  • Often mutually template
  • Google is updating algorithm
  • Rarely updated a new article (Recurrent Disease Blogger he, he, he)
  • Less blog promotion
  • Exam season and holiday season (often forgotten blogger)
  • No article is a mainstay in the blog that is not eaten rotten time aka is always sought after reader
  • etc.
So when your down view blog don't panic just yet, minutely briefly what is roughly the cause because the cause could coming down from the external blog as updated google search algorithm or indeed again the holiday season. After you know for sure the cause take appropriate action so that your blog can rise again viewnya or even silenced only first few moments if indeed being the holiday season in general blog visitors will drop could even be very drastic.

Page view down but ad revenue rose? Steady!

Don't get me wrong! the assumption that if the pageview down automatically earning from adsense will join the down. The experience of the author even shows often page view turunn but income from adsense ads even go up drastically, magical isn't it?
It turns out that indeed the income from the blog in the form of advertising such as adsense for example will very depending on the value of clicks per ad. While certain seasons, value click adsense ads can be high because of the many ads that appear to have a high click values. So it's not a magic thing if income from adsense turned out instead to ride when we come down because blog pageview of the advertiser pays google adsense turned out to be more expensive and of course our revenues will be even greater when these ads a lot clicking though blog visitors are down.

Adsense ads are also affected by the content of our blog, the ads are high value will generally appear on the content of the article and indeed the original artificial blogger myself. It should be noted also that based on the experience of the authors, visitors come from google search is more appreciated by adsense display ads with expensive than visitors who came from social media, but still need to be scientifically researched again the truth because it might be another blog also experienced the opposite.

So whose name already exists, the fortune that set up and we can only strive and strive only. When Page view blog goes down there is no need to panic because of the occasional and often that's when we get a blessing with a rise in advertising revenue, so it was not something magical as well as visitors even reduced advertising revenue from adsense. May be useful and still keep the spirit of blogging!


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