Various Types of Water Buffalo in the World

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Buffalo: is the animal chew the cud who became flocks for many Nations in the world, especially Asia. This animal was domesticated from wild water buffalo (people call it India arni) that can still be found in areas of Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Viet Nam, China, the Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Thailand.

Adult Buffalo can have a weight of about 300 kg to 600 kg. Wild Buffalo can have more weight, the female wild Buffalo can weigh up to 800 kg and wild Buffalo Bull can weigh up to 1200 kg. The average weight of a male Buffalo is 900 kg and average height at the shoulders of the Buffalo is 1.7 meters.

One of the characteristics that differentiate wild from domesticated water buffalo Buffalo Buffalo is that pets have belly round. With a mixture of descent between the Buffalo-Buffalo between different populations, Buffalo's weight can vary.

Classification ox is uncertain, but regular grouped into Bubalus bubalis three types : wild water buffalo (b. bubalis arnee), ancestor to the Buffalo River

The river Buffalo (b. bubalis bubalis) of South Asia.
Swamp Buffalo (b. bubalis carabauesis) originating from Southeast Asia.

Scientific classification Ox according to wikipedia are:

The Kingdom:

Phylum: Chordata
The order: Artiodactyla
Family: Ungulates
Upafamili: Bovinae
Genus: Bubalus
Species: B. bubalis

Buffalo Grove in Indonesia

Clumps Of Cattle, Buffaloes Sumbawa (Province Of West Nusa Tenggara)
Buffalo Grove South Kalimantan (Kalimantan Selatan)
Buffalo Grove East Kalimantan (Kalimantan Timur)
Clumps Of Cattle, Buffaloes Moa (Maluku Province)
Buffalo Grove Toraya (South Sulawesi Province)
The Buffalo Grove Post Enumerates (South Sumatra Province)
Buffalo North Tapanuli (North Sumatra Province)
Buffalo Badegur (Banten Province)
Murrah Buffalo (North Sumatra Province)

Based on the research of Mason, 1969, Buffalo is divided into 4 divisions, namely;

1) Anoa (buballus depresicronis), in particular there is a disulawesi
2) Borneo Buffalo (Buballus arneehosei), especially the Buffalo mud found in Borneo.
3) Buffalo Bull – Delhi, Buffalo is found in Sumatra and was known as the Buffalo River.
4) Bosses Arni, Buffalo is found in southeast asia and is almost synonymous with mud and water buffalo is its offspring.

Buffalo in General in Indonesia did not indicate the type of its own, but rather vary both in size, conformation traits based body, horns, feathers, and skin color. Buffalo's thus in Indonesia can be divided into two groups; Buffalo Buffalo Wild and tame.

Based on its characteristics of benign Buffalo are divided into two, namely:

The River Buffalo (Buffalo River)

Generally this type of water buffalo have characterized as follows;
thick black;
solid body and a short, relatively minor neck and head;
back width: and
circular horns; meetings such as spiral.

Buffalo Mud (swamp buffalo)
Buffalo has the following characteristics:
Blackish brown skin color;
Body of relatively short and
Short Legs as well as its horns

Some types of Buffalo and his trademark

Murrah Buffalo

Murrah Buffalo Buffalo is the most important river in India and several other countries. Murrah Buffalo are also available in Indonesia kept in North Sumatra by the Sikh lineage, India. Murrah Buffalo nation comes from India in the State of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Delhi and Punyab (Fahimuddin, 1975). Murrah Buffalo include Buffalo's most efficient in producing milk. The production of milk retrieved as many as 1800 kg per lactation with fat content 7-8%, whereas long lactation 9-10 month (International Relations, National Research Council, 1981)

General Characteristics Of The Murrah Buffalo Are:
The body is solid and short
The neck and head are relatively small
The color of his skin is black with white on the forehead and legs
Back width
Circular horns meetings such as the spiral and very small
Adult female body weight 450 kg and adult males 550 kg
Produce milk 2,050 litres/lactation

Nagpuri Buffalo
Buffalo is widely observed in India, particularly in Central and southern India. Buffalo is also known as Ellichpuri or Barari

Common Traits Are: Nagpuri Buffalo
Have the body widens
Big horns and a long and curved at the sides of the neck
Strong legs
Long neck
The color of his skin black
This type of water buffalo can produce approximately 1.200 Kg of milk per lactation of about 270 days

Buffalo Zaffarabadi

Buffalo Zaffarabadi originated in Pakistan. Many maintained in Western India, particularly in the area of Gujarat
General Characteristics Of Buffalo Zaffarabadi Are:
The head of the front of the large
Relatively large horns
The color of his skin is black color sometimes looks at the head and foot
Adult female body weight 450 kg and 600 kg adult males
Produce milk 4,930 litres/lactation

Surti Buffalo
Many types of buffalo kept in India especially in Gujarat and the surrounding area,
Common Traits Are: Surti Buffalo
The shape of her body being
Horns not too long
It has short Legs
Tail length
The skin color of black and white
Adult female body weight 400 kg and 500 kg adult males
Producing 1,700 liters of milk/lactation

Nili Ravi Buffalo
Nili Ravi buffalo kept in India especially in Punjab region in the area along the river Ravi.
General Characteristics Of Buffalo Nili Ravi Is:
Have a body in a fairly long
Big head and rough
The neck is long and flat
The little Horn
Tail length
The color of his skin and black and sometimes Brown and fur around the eyes and the mouth has a white color
Adult female body weight 500 kg and 600 kg adult male.
Produce 2,500 liters of milk/lactation

There are actually several other types of Buffalo is the lesser-known as Buffalo Toda in Buffalo Parlakmedi, Nilgiri in Orissa, and the Pandharpuri and Marathawada. The Buffalo population very little, and are likely to experience the extinction.

Buffalo Kundhi
Buffalo kept in Pakistan especially in areas along the Indus River.
General Characteristics Of Buffalo Kundhi Is:
Have a small body compared to the Nili Ravi Buffalo
The skin color of black, Brown and the presence of white spots
Fall short and have horns
Adult female body weight of 320 kg and males dewas 450 kg
Generate 2,000 liters of milk/lactation

Mehsana Buffalo
This type of water buffalo kept in India, particularly in Bombay, mehsana Buffalo has a characteristic mix of Buffalo and murrah wrote.
General Characteristics Of Buffalo Hehsana Are:
It has a black body color, Brown
It has a slightly curved horns up
Body Size Medium
It has a long tail
This type of water buffalo by the community particularly the male Buffalo power much utilized in agriculture, like to plow rice fields, etc. Buffalo also includes types that produce milk that can make 1700 kg per lactation of about 310 days.


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