Use Cough Medicine According To The Type Of Cough

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Cough medicine should be consumed according to the type of cough that suffered. In General, the cough is comprised of two kinds, namely coughing and phlegm so dry cough. In order for Your Cough immediately died down, it's good you recognize the cough and phlegm so dry that is safe to be consumed daily.

Coughing is the body's mucus efforts and foreign bodies from the inside of the lungs or respiratory tract. A cough can also be a symptom of certain conditions. To that end, the appropriate use of cough medicine need to be tailored to the cause.

Understand the symptoms and benefits of cough medicine

Generally mild cough will disappear by themselves without any special treatment in about three weeks. You just rest, drink water, or drinking warm lemon water mixed honey. New cough cough is required if you are experiencing is very disturbing.

For the consumption of cough medicine with appropriate, identify the type of cough that You experienced:

Cough phlegm so

This type of cough is a cough that is accompanied by phlegm or mucus. Phlegm can be derived from the nose or lungs. Cough phlegm so usually caused by several factors, including:

Bacterial and viral infections.

Lung disease, such as bronchitis, pneumonia, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Mucus nose down to the throat (postnasal drip).

Often smoking.

Drugs used for overcoming cough phlegm so known as cough expectorant and mukolitik, one of them is guaifenesin. This has the effect of medication thins the phlegm that clog the respiratory tract. Consuming cough phlegm so plus drinking lots of water will allow phlegm to come out when coughing so breathing could be more relieved.

Dry cough

Dry cough is a cough that is not accompanied by phlegm. This condition usually occurs because some of the things, for example:

The flu.

Exposure to irritant substances, such as chemicals, smoke, or dust.

Diseases of the stomach acid.

Constriction of the airway, such as asthma.

Of blockages in the respiratory tract.

Drug side effects of ACE Inhibitors to control hypertension.

Drugs used to treat dry cough antitussive cough medicine called, one of which is dextromethorphan. This medication works by stimulation to banish the cough so that the frequency is reduced.

Dry cough medicines should not be used for the condition of cough phlegm so, and vice versa. The goal of treatment of cough phlegm so spending is helping the mucus and germs from the airway, if using dry cough remedy for coughs and phlegm phlegm so, then the germs in the respiratory tract will be issued so that it is more difficult to cough up will be more difficult healed.

For coughs caused by viral infections, antibiotics are not necessary because the granting of a cough that is caused by a virus infection can generally get better by itself. Inappropriate antibiotic usage thus pose a risk of causing immunity germs and cause side effects or allergic reactions. Because it is important for you to get an examination from a doctor before taking cough medicine.

Be Aware Of Side Effects Of Cough Medicine

Cough medicine can indeed help relieve coughing if its use is right, but there are some side effects that might occur. Among others is the sleepy, which can be caused by cough mixture containing antihistamines, such as diphenhydramine. You may also feel some other side effects, such as dizziness, nausea, and vomiting after consuming cough medicine. But the side effects are rare.

A full explanation about the side effects of cough medicine can you find easily because they are listed in the packaging of the drug. Therefore, it is important to read the usage instructions cough medicine carefully before mengonsumsinya.

If after consuming cough phlegm so or dry your condition never improved, immediate consultations doctor. Especially if the cough is accompanied by other symptoms such as shortness of breath, chest pain, weight loss, prolonged fever, or a lot of sweating at night. The doctor will make sure you experience cough causes and provide proper cough medicine.


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