Urine For A Pregnancy Test of Cows. How To Do It?

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Pregnancy checks on Livestock by using Urine

Pregnancy examination of cattle especially cow is generally through rectal exploration, but it was in a veterinary college in Bangalore India has done research on examination of cattle pregnancy using urine. This technique turned out to emulate the "doctor" in Egypt around 4000 years ago, where it is mentioned that a woman will be diagnosed her pregnancy is asked to pee in a fabric bag containing wheat grains. The woman was diagnosed as pregnant when grain in a pouch in pissing growing within 5 days and not pregnant when the grain does not grow.

On the cattle was done with 1 ml of dilute urine beef with 14 ml of water in a petri dish containing a filter paper and wheat seeds 15. Also put up a control group contains 15 ml. water after 5 days seen grain growth that's been soaked in a solution of cow urine.

The result is the opposite of the results obtained in humans. On cow bunting, not growing grain, grain and even change color to brownish blackish. While cows are not rare and the control group, gandumnya seeds grow. This test is called Punyakoti seed germination or simply called Test Punyakoti.


Modern pregnancy tests on humans using HCG from urine as a compound that determines the pregnancy. On test Punyakoti, there are other compounds that make up the urine used to determine pregnancy, both of man and cows (ruminants). In addition to urea and uric acid released by the cow urine, the most important part that determines in a test this is a plant hormone Punyakoti called abscisic acid (ABA).

The main function of the ABA in urine in grain is to retain the time dorman (pepsinogen). Cow urine on bunting found a relatively high concentration of ABA (170.62 nanomol/ml urine) while in cows no bunting around a nanomole 74.46/ml of urine. This is the case with the ABA resulted in barriers to growth on wheat seeds soaked in urine.

It was reported also that some breeders modify test this in terms of the type of Punyakoti grains used for viewing its growth. Seeds of rice (paddy) is also reported to be used for this test and the results were similar to the grain. Cattle are tested also reportedly developed from just a cow then Buffalo, sheep and goats.
Cow and Calf
Potential Test Punyakoti

This test is quite cheap, easy, simple, not invasive from the viewpoint of animal welfare and requires no chemicals or sophisticated tools. Breeders who are in remote areas that access to the vet so restricted can utilize test Punyakoti to diagnose pregnancy.


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