Types of Sea Transport Equipment (Ships)

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According to wikipedia Transport definition is the transfer of people or goods from one place to another by using a vehicle that is driven by a human or machine.

So Sea Transport is a Human Movement System and Goods that operate on the sea by using the Tool as a vehicle with the help of human or machine power to move it.

Ship is a means of transportation that moves in the waters. Ships have many functions besides transporting passengers. Want to know the types of ships that are grouped by function? Let's take a look at the type of ocean-going ocean liner.

1. Passenger Ship

This type of ship is very familiar with our lives. Its function is for passengers who want to travel across the continent. Capacity can reach thousands of people, with complete facilities and luxurious architecture. The famous luxury passenger ships are Titanic, Queen Mary, and Queen Elizabeth II.

2. Ship Goods

This type of ship is also a ship that is busy across the ocean carrying cargo of goods from one port to another port. The goods ship becomes the pulse of world trade activity, because it plays an important role in the export of import activities. In addition to large size and able to carry a lot of cargo, this ship is also able to sail very far.

3. Tanker Ship

With its large size, the ship is used for transporting oil, computer-controlled and sophisticated navigation systems via satellite. A giant tanker called a supertanker. The length of the supertanker can reach 378 meters with a width of 50 meters and a blank weight of 167000 tons. Its jumbo size is capable of carrying almost 1 million barrels of crude oil. Ckckck ...

4. Ferry

Its function is as a crossing tool to cross the strait or the sea between the two islands. Although the size is not as big as a passenger ship, ferries are able to carry many passengers as well as vehicles such as cars, buses and trucks. For inter-island sea transportation, this ship is dependable. In Indonesia, the ferry has a busy time every Lebaran holiday, servicing thousands of homecomers who want to return home from the island.

5. Submarine (Submarine)

This type of ship is unique, because it moves by not floating on the surface of the sea, but dive into the sea. Now almost all submarines are used for military purposes and underwater research, but some are tailor-made for travel. The way the submarine works is to use the principle of archimedes, where there are spaces that function as weights. If you want to dive, then the ballast space will be filled with water so the ship will sink. Conversely, if you want to rise to the surface, the ballast space filled with air and water is removed.

6. Warship

As the name implies, its function is to assist the activities of war. Warships have several types. The aircraft carrier is useful for carrying air fighter fleets, destroyers used for opponent warships, cruisers used for long sailing and battling in distant places, as well as minesweepers that serve to search and destroy sea mines.

7. The Snooze Boats

Tugs are used to attract larger boats when it will be docked or leave a narrow port. Despite its small size, its strength is large enough to attract large ships. Sometimes, to pull a super-sized ship like an aircraft carrier, it takes some tugboats to pull it.

8. Fishing Vessel

This ship is used by fishermen to catch fish. Equipped with a large mesh, many fish can be captured quickly. The vessel also has a cooling chamber for storing the fish to keep the fish fresh after arriving at the harbor.

9. Ship Sails

Sailboats have existed since ancient times before the invention of modern motor drive. This ship is moving using wind power by utilizing the screen that stretched wide. It used to be used for a variety of purposes, but is now only used for sports activities.

10. Rescue Ships (Lifeboat)

Lifeboat is used by the rescue team in the event of a marine disaster, such as a sinking ship. Lifeboats can search and rescue victims of marine disasters even in bad weather conditions, such as storms.

Sea Transportation System

Sea Transportation System The marine transportation infrastructure network consists of a tangible intersection of sea ports and traffic spaces tangible to the shipping path

The port also consists of International Port Hub (Primary Primary), International Port (Main Secondary) National Port (Main Tertiary) and regional port.

While the Sea Transportation Service Network there are two namely the Domestic Marine Transport Network and Marine Transportation Network Abroad.

The domestic sea transport network is also divided into three

Main Sea Transportation Network, Marine Transportation Network Pioneer Sea Transport and Transport Network

While the Overseas Transportation Network also consists of two kinds:

- fixed and regular sea transport service network that is service network with predetermined route and schedule;

- Sea transportation service network is not fixed and irregular ie service network with unspecified route and schedule.


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