Types Of Beef Cuts For A Variety Of Processed Meat

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Learn About The Various Types Of Beef Cuts That You Don't "Mistakes" When Processing Beef Into Dishes/Cuisines

A butcher or meat traders usually have been very familiar with this type of piece of meat sold. But sometimes his expertise was used to outsmart the meat buyers who don't know the type and quality of the meat.
Types of Beef Cuts

A great many types of pieces of meat from a cow carcass or body and each type of piece is usually somewhat different allocation in cuisine. For example meat tenderloin or has in particularly suitable for Grill steak made but may not be suitable to be made into beef rendang because it is too padded so easily destroyed.

Well one of the tips so that we are not fooled by the trader when buying jensi beef cuts that we need then we have to understand or at least recognize the type of cuts that we will buy. We may often eat beef, but at the time we want to make meat dishes at home, often confused when shopping in the markets or in supermarkets. The first round of the election is already meat slip through when we see that meat still looks fresh, with a nice red color, no odor and the similar pieces that look clean and uniform. The question that often arises is, pieces which are the most suitable for recipes that would we use?

Drew is small, in the language of United Kingdom blade but also called clod, oyster or oyster blade, is a shoulder section drew up and down in the shape of a rectangle. Drew is a small piece of meat that thick but tender, can be cooked " rendang", Curry, and steak.

Cuts of beef in each country is a bit different from the other countries because it depends on the usage/demand in the country. The main pieces, or primal cuts, is the large potangan pieces on a cow carcass into drew, brisket, ribs, the front, the lamusir has the outside, samcan, shortloin betak, flesh thick hips, hamstrings, calves and cover the front and back. The main pieces are then divided into sub-primal cuts and sometimes sub primal cuts are further divided into individual portion size.

The important thing is known by consumers are pieces which are the most appropriate to be used either because the characteristics of the technical pieces suitable for cooking which will be used both in terms of budget.

Following various types of beef cuts and What types of cuisine in accordance:


Chuck, meat obtained from the upper thigh, shoulder and hump. Chuck is the meat less tender but full of flavor because the collagen content is quite high. Because the price is a fair friendly compared to pieces like Prime has in, drew is one of the pieces of meat that are suitable to be used in everyday dishes.

To cope with its less tender, drew should be cooked by way of stewing (cooked in liquid, such as beef rendang, curries or stews), or diungkep (cooked with a little pot with liquid tightly closed). The meat could be cut also drew small for later use in soups or in stir-fried, processed into meatballs, mince or jerked. If you want to make hamburgers are delicious and economical, then drew grounded is very suitable to be made into hamburger.

A small Chuck, in the language of United Kingdom blade but also called clod, oyster or oyster blade, is a shoulder section drew up and down in the shape of a rectangle. Drew is a small piece of meat that thick but tender, can be cooked rendang, Curry, steak, stir-stir.

Kijen or chuck tender a conical outer kulis terlapis thin. This piece is also quite tender to be cooked as steaks, but can also be made rendang, sop and stir-stir.


Brisket, brisket, United Kingdom is a snippet from the chest. This piece was a bit fatty, and it can be cooked in various dishes such as soup or pho, soups or dishes cooked over low heat until tender as Asem-Asem Brisket Brisket or green chilies. In Western countries brisket used to make corned beef and smoked brisket. Other pieces of brisket brisket section base (naval brisket end) and brisket end piece (brisket point end).


Lamusir future, or cube roll, taken from the back, cut from the fourth to the twelfth rib, ribs. Lamusir software including meat as there are grains of fat in it.

Rib is a piece of meat that comes around the rib cage, amounting from sixth to twelfth ribs. Spare ribs, or short ribs, can be processed into such a sop sop konro or cooked stews. Ribs can also be grilled, steamed, and burned.

Rib-eye steak is a piece in the form of steaks, can with bone (bone in) or fillets (boneless).

Shortloin, Sirloin

Shortloin and has outside (striploin) is a piece of meat the backside of a cow. Sirloin meat section is located directly behind and above it shortloin tenderloin or has inside. In Indonesia, also known as sirloin has outside. Shortloin pieces and has cut out again into a steak like a Porterhouse Steak, t-bone steak, strip steak.
Muscles from the cow is still working hard enough, but not her work load weighing drew, hump and calves so their meat is quite tender. Although this type of meat is included in the price is not as expensive as prima, has inside. Has outside can be cooked in various ways, namely as a steak, sliced thin for the purposes of yakiniki, sukiyaki or shabu shabu.


Has in the United Kingdom, or tenderloin fillet, is the most tender pieces of meat and fat content is not great. The location of this centre of the sirloin cuts. Because the meat is very tender, how to cook with the meat texture so cepak puppets are not damaged.
Has in could be cut to baked in the oven, or it could be cut in the form of steak (tenderloin steak, fillet mignon). Usually steak tartare made from has. The price of this type of this piece is the most expensive compared to the other pieces.


Samcan or flank, are pieces from the abdominal muscles. The shape is long and flat, and less tender. In France it is called meat bavette, cooked to taste and eat rare meat so as not to become a lot because it is cooked too long.

Samcan sliced thin-thin often sold as meat stir-stir. Samcan could be silenced in the marinade one night or several days to help the softening process after it is cooked and cut into thin slices or dipukul-pukul before it is cooked.

Ouside, Rump, Knuckle, Topsides, Eye of Round

From the hamstrings, or rump beef, there are several pieces i.e. the rump (Cape), coconut (knuckle), cover (inside, topsides), silverside, gandik (eye of round), and pendasar (outside).
The Cape is part of the beef loin is coated by a thick enough, the fat could be cut as the rump or cut into the rump steak. Meat meat types include Cape software. The Cape can be grilled, fried, and grill. If sliced thin can also be used to stir.

Cover meat, coconut, gandik and pendasar are suitable to be made into jerked beef "rendang", jerky, and due to the nature of the flesh.

Silverside is contained at the bottom of the hamstrings. The flesh is solid and does not contain lots of fat. Suitable to be made into jerky, beef rendang, abon and can also be boiled.


Sengkel, from the Netherlands, the United Kingdom language schenkel shank or shin meat is found at the top of the shank. This is not soft cutlet, and can be made into curries, soups, freshly minced meat dijadijan to the not so fatty.

The Benefits Of Knowing The Types Of Beef Cuts

A great many benefits to be gained by us knowing the types and kinds of beef cuts that both the primary and the secondary cut cuts. One advantage by knowing the different types of beef cuts we can appropriately use the meat in cooking certain dishes because sometimes could not use certain types of meat.

Another advantage by knowing these cuts is not much part of meat is wasted and become small pieces that cost falls and commonly known as flesh rawon. With know the kind of cuts we will easily cut up meat the right way because the composition of the different meat fibres on the different types of beef cuts.

Beef that's cut in accordance with its specific shape will have a neat pieces and chef or cooks flesh also will have no trouble deciding which type of meat will be cooked and what kinds of cuisine is what fits with the meat.

Expertise differentiate types of beef cuts will not be accessible instantly but have to do continuous exercises.


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