Tours Of The Mangrove Forest BJBR, The New Icons of Probolinggo City, East Java, Indonesia

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Mangrove Forest Natural Attractions BJBR Probolinggo Presents New Icon "KUDA CIPTA WILAHA"
New Icons of BJBR : Kuda Cipta Wilaha
In addition to the natural attractions of the already worldwide, Bromo in Probolinggo also there are mangrove tours are packed with stylish and iconic new tours in the town of Probolinggo. This new Tourism icon named BJBR or BeeJay Mangrove Resort, tourist spots while pampering selfie eyes on the beauty of mangrove tourism and places of selfie other than others.

BeeJay Mangrove Resort is A vehicle of mangrove ecotourism located in the town of Probolinggo, occupy acres 89 hectares, you can also walk or bike in cycling track/trail along the wooden bridge 1350 m2 will continue 2800 m2. And the latest BJBR is the horse icon Copyright Region.

Kuda Cipta Wilaha, New Icons of Mangrove Forest BJBR

The Spot has been present and tour the lowliest new icon BJBR Probolinggo namely "Kuda Cipta Wilaha" largest figurines physical horse number 2 in the world, inspired by the legend of the Trojan horse in the days of Ancient Greece, located east of the tip of the bungalow Bee Jay Mangrove Resort maximal capacity of 30 people.

For those of you who will be planning a holiday with your family, Graha Family Resort is perfect for your choice. Imagine your family stay in 1 area, play as well as the many activities that you can do.

Graha Family Resort offers a lot of potential-potential for you and your family together starting from the existing facilities at Graha Family Bungalow in or outside the area of Graha Family (Tourist Area BeeJay Mangrove Resort).

Graha Family Bungalow Resort (Bungalows Family Resort BJBR Probolinggo)

Graha Family bungalows consist of 2 floors:

the lower floor consists of: living room, karaoke room, bedroom exclasive with private poll and relaxed.

dilantai over there are special balcony luxury, pas banget yg to chat casually with my family while gazing at the sky and the vast expanse of ocean is nan.

Here are a few Rides and other tourist Facilities

Play Area:

-Flying Fox
-Water Boom
-Canoe Singles
-Canoe Double Room
-Fantasy Land

Other Tourist Areas:
-Track Cycling/biking trails above the water
-Pedicab Tours
- Parks wrote in it are: INDRALOKA
* Variation In Plants
* Large trees we call "Mbah Tree Man"
* Pyramid Bottles
* Outdoor fish pond * etc.

Educational programs BJBR Edutainment invite all people to be appreciative of nature where mangroves Protect the marine Abrasion & Overcoming pollution of sea water. for it dihimbau for the community to grow our concern to better appreciate nature.
BJBR Mangrove Forest Tourist Destinatinon, Probolinggo City, East Java, Indonesia


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