Tourist destination in Cilegon, Banten, Indonesia

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Cilegon is apparently has lots of tourist sites which can be used as a family tourist destination or adventure tours, what tourist sites to visit in Cilegon of Banten? Refer to the list of destinations below:

Cilegon, Banten, Indonesia
Attractions in Cilegon of Banten

The Rock Of Mace

The mountain is located in the region of Gerem – Peacock, you can see the sights form the expanse of granite mountains which have various forms of rocks forming some sort of door welcome. In addition, you will see the expanse of the West Coast town of Cilegon Mace from the rock.

Mount Batur

Mount Batur is located the lowliest Pulomerak subdistrict, about 10 minutes from the Centre of Cilegon with a distance of ± 8 km is a tourist destination of Agro, which berorentasi on a specific interest, such as: Hiking, Camping Area, Study of Flora and Fauna, Jogging, hang-glide or gantole

Large Peacock island and the small Peacock

Large Peacock island is right (± 500 M) in front of the harbour crossing Peacock – Bakauheni (ASDP), with an area of about 20 Ha. It contains the Dipulau Flora (variety of plants and trees) and Fauna (Monkeys, snakes, and a variety of Shellfish), its still beautiful and uninhabited, there are rocks and coral sites Mount Krakatoa in 1883 Tsunami. While the Small Peacock Island is located approximately 1 Km on the power port of Merak and is approximately 10 minutes by boat motor. The island has an area of 4.62 Ha and is a cluster of huge Peacock Island. In addition to tourist destinations in Cilegon is also the island cluster cluster sea waves barrier which protects the port of Merak from window wave of Sunda Strait.

Large Peacock island is protected forest that serves as a protector of the Ferry port and Integrated Terminal Merak. Large Peacock island also serves as well as anchoring the waves towards the port of Merak and serve as a protected area that preserved his presence, the island is very strategic to protect both the assets belong to the Central Government and regions. Peacock Island and it is also very Great potential because it has the potential of Marine resources and Flora and Fauna, its still beautiful and uninhabited, there are rocks and coral sites Mount Krakatoa in 1883 Tsunami. Large Peacock island is about 15 minutes from the city centre of Cilegon which has an area of approximately 40 Ha and is very potential for natural resources Biodiversity and fisheries, such as white sands is located to the West and South, the coral reefs of East and the North as well as the potential for Catching Small Pelagic kind of sea fish, Demersal and reef fish.

Palm Beach Seven

Seven Palm Beach is located in Merak, Cilegon of Banten, 9 Km from the Toll Jakarta – Merak, towards the North of the harbour crossings Peacock. This beach offers the charm of coastal Beach ramps with street vendors around the beach in addition Beach offers the typical lush because right behind the slope of Mount Batur.

Beach Pulorida

One tourist attraction is located in Cilegon, Banten Province around 4 km from the port of Merak.


Anyer Beach Tourism object actually went into the region of Serang Regency but given the aksesbilitasnya closer to Cilegon, the beach is often in the Insert as object of tourist destinations on offer during the holidays.

The Lighthouse Of Anyer

Anyer is a tourist attraction located in Cikoneng village of serang Regency of Banten Province, famous for its very indahan to fascinate. Many local and foreign tourists that come in every weekend to stay at the resort, hotel or lodgings that are scattered around the coast.

Besides the beach, Anyer also has very iconic building historic lighthouse of Anyer to wit.

Anyer Lighthouse can be reached easily, if from the direction of jakarta Toll Exit exit at Cilegon West of Krakatau Steel and continued down the cilegon to the Anyer through the chemical plants and markets Anyer. From Cilegon is only approximately 30 minutes.

The lighthouse of Anyer was founded in 1885 in the era of King Willem III of the Netherlands chairmanship. 75.5 Metres tall, the lighthouse of anyer has 18 floors with a circular staircase window and contacted every floor. At the top there is a lighthouse beacon covered a half circle that can spin 360 degrees with preexisting conditions not functioning anymore.

Historically, the lighthouse of Anyer Lighthouse that stands today is a replacement for the earlier ravaged the eruption of Krakatoa in 1883. The rest of the old Lighthouse was made with red brick in the Foundation of the coast not far from the lighthouse.

The lighthouse of Anyer is also the Zero Kilometer Marker which is the point of zero kilometre road post Anyer (Bantam)-Panarukan (East Java). Built on the orders of the Governor-General of the Netherlands East Indies, Deandels with a length of approximately 1000 km and claimed many victims in the process of pembanunannya because forcibly employed (rodi).

The lighthouse of Anyer is the witness of the colonial era many miserable people of banten anyer especially.

In spite of the dark history of the lighthouse of Anyer, hopefully can be a lesson for the present generation and those that will come so that Lighthouses could be preserved and become Anyer attractions history of Banten which can become an icon of Anyer in addition to its beaches.


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