Tourism Destination Bromo, Tengger, Semeru East Java, Indonesia

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Bromo, State Tour Above the Cloud Among the Whispering Sand

Mount Bromo or in Tengger spelled "Brama", is an active volcano in East Java, Indonesia. Altitude: 7,641 ft Relative height: 1,923 ft (wikipedia)

Since opened at the entrance through the city of Malang through Jemplang, Bromo favorite destinations into 4 attractions are Sunrise Bromo, Bromo Crater, Sand Sea Bromo and Bukit Teletubbies, silent this last resort stole the hearts of tourists.

Mount Bromo is included in the area of ​​Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park (TNBTS) and the name of Mount Bromo itself is said to derive from the word Brahma which is one of the gods according to Hindu beliefs. Hinduism itself is a belief that is widely embraced by the community around the tourist attractions in Java This East. The population around Mount Bromo is widely known by the name of the Tengger tribe, the tribe of the Javanese race which is descended from the kingdom of Majapahit.

The expanse of green pastures and beautifully lined hill ridges on the grasses that envelop the hills is reminiscent of British children's films that fluttered in the 90s, namely Teletubbies. By karana it is called Bukit Hill Hill Teletubbies.

The sighting of Teletubbies Hill along with the savanna paddock underneath makes this location an important destination for hunter photos here, even some times this location becomes the location of pre-wedding photos, the location is romantic and charming. If you're curious about climbing hills in this area, you can hike directly or hire a horse.

Some residents around Jemplang provide horse renting services for hiking or just pose with horses in the savanna.

If you want to take the closest distance to Bukit Teletubbies, take the entrance of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park from Malang City ~> Overlapping ~> Klakah Gubug ~> Ngadas ~> Jemplang ~> Bukit Teletubbies. From Jemplang already visible in the distance the beauty of Teletubbies Hill is green, as if can not wait to explore it, but you have to be patient for a while, please continue your journey follow the direction to Bukit Teletubbies which live a few more kilometers.

The road to Bukit Teletubbies is sufficient, the streets are paved and smooth, along the way you will be treated to views of forests and vegetable plantations, as well as gorges and valleys connecting beautifully spoil the eye.

If you use a private vehicle, you should park in the Village Gubug Klakah and replace with a jeep. In Gubug Klakah there are so many jeep rental providers to go to Bromo with its 4 point interest: Sunrise, Kawah, Pasir Berbisik and Bukit Teletubbies. The rental price is not too expensive, ranging from 800 to 900 thousand rupiah with the starting point of Desa Gubug Klakah.

Legend of Joko Seger and Roro Anteng, the story is growing from generation to generation until now. it is said that this legend is a legend of the formation of the crater of Mount Bromo, Mount Batok and the sea of ​​sand that is around Bromo caldera, the short history is as follows.

In ancient times, when the Majapahit kingdom experienced turmoil because of many attacks that threaten the kingdom, majapahit residents confused to find a safe place. in the middle of the road they finally split into two groups, the one to the usage around Bromo with the group leader is King and Empress and the other to the island of Bali. After a few decades the people who lived in Bromo began to adjust to the environment, until finally born a baby of King and Empress couples named Roro Anteng. and not far from where the King and Empress lived also born a baby boy from Brahmana descendants named Joko Seger.

After they grew up, the two boys fell in love, but in the course of their love story there was a giant who tried to separate them both, by applying Roro Anteng by force, but Roro Anteng was unwilling and refused in a subtle way, asked for a condition to make a lake on Mount Bromo with only one night. Terms were received and on the process of the lake is almost complete, the Giant was thwarted by the ruse Roro Anteng. The giant went berserk and threw the coconut shell used to sweep the lake. and supposedly coconut shell was enlarged to form a mountain Batok, while the lake was turned into a crater of the mountain. That is a brief legend about the origin of the formation of Mount Bromo which is a tourist icon in East Java.

For tourists whose time is not too long, usually only see the sunrise from Penanjakan, then proceed with the view of Bromo Crater, Whispering Sand and Teletubbies Hill. Actually the sunrise is also beautiful in view from the Hill Teletubbies, the sun slowly emerging, emit a beautiful orange yellow rays, from here we can see the green color gradation that meets the golden yellow color produces a fantastic color combination, let alone supported by the view of Mount Bromo behind him and the surrounding plateau, the perfect charm.

Along with the rising sun, it will appear clear expanse of grassland and ferns of broad shrubs in the accompanying hills lined up, very beautiful. When you throw a glance toward the cliffs that become the barrier wall savanna sometimes in the blanket cloud white, will be more felt how the feel of peace to the heart of heart.

Bromo Crater has a uniqueness that is not owned by the crater of another mountain, located in the middle of the crater Tengger with the expanse of sea sand surrounding. Bromo crater has a diameter of ± 800 meters (north-south) and ± 600 meters (east-west), while the danger area is a circle with radius 4 km from the center of Bromo crater.

If you want to see more closely Bromo crater can rise to the top of Bromo, has available ladder from concrete. From the top of the crater looks Bromo is gaping with a cloud of smoke coming out of the base that indicates this mountain is still active.

Try to turn your back toward the beauty of the panorama of the expanse of the vast sea sand bordering the wall of the cliff is very beautiful. Meanwhile, from the top of Bromo, you seem to be able to touch Mount Batok standing firmly on your right.

This is the New Icon Area Tourism Bromo Tengger Semeru, Forest Park Lumbang Probolinggo

Bromo area is very famous as a tourist destination in Probolinggo regency is incorporated in the Tourism Area Bromo Tengger Semeru. To complement the tourist destinations in Bromo area, there is an alternative tourism place that is Madakaripura Forest Park Probolinggo.

Fastest Route Towards Location Madakaripura Forest Park

Madakaripura Forest Park is located in Negororejo Village, Lumbang District, Probolinggo, East Java. The location is quite close to the madakaripura waterfall. Even since the opening of Madakarpura Forest Park this waterfall tour madakaripura more quiet. The route you can pass is from a tangled junction, navigate your way to the madakaripura waterfall. Later about 1 km before the waterfall turn left. From here it is about 700 meters to reach Madakaripura Forest Park

For two weeks after the tour was opened, there was no user charges for visitors. But now it is not valid, so the visitors must pay entrance fee of Rp 5000, -. If you want to take pictures in spots that have been provided such as sun or swing platforms have to pay another Rp 5000, -.

This tourist destination sebernarnya only as an alternative tour and as a complement when you visit the mountain bromo and madakaripura, why so, this attraction is more tends daraipada adventure. the manager automatically prepares the support facilities. Among the swings, the sun platform, and the amben where visitors are self-awareness or self.

This new tourist destination is still often dukunjungan the local tourists just before but lately has been many from out of town who are curious and come to this tourist location, we as a provider of bromo tour packages confident holiday Idul Fitri holidays this year will be visited by many tourists . (package tours bromo lebaran iedul fitri).

The passable path to Mount Bromo is as follows:

1. Line from Lumajang District

If you pass the path from Lumajang district, you can take the journey from Lumajang city to the district of senduro, from here you can continue the journey to the village of Ranu Pane, and then through the hill to the tourist area of ​​Bromo through Jemplang area. when you reach Jemplang you can see the view of Mount Bromo from a distance.

2. Path from Malang

For the path that goes through Malang, you can travel from Malang to the district Tumpang - Kab. Malang, from here your journey will be forwarded to the village of Bulak Klakah, and will meet with the path through Lumajang, which is Jemplang area and then continue through the savanna mountain Bromo

3. Path from Pasuruan

Pasuruan Street is the third path that can be passed if you will visit Mount Bromo, Your journey can start from the city of Pasuruan to the district Wonorejo, from here you can proceed to the district of Warung Dowo and then to the district Tosari, Tosari district, you continue to go to Wonokitri village. then proceed to Penanjakan Mount Bromo.


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