The Symptoms of Rubella in Children

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Alert symptoms of rubella

Rubella is caused by a virus, i.e. Morbilivirus. Children can be infected with measles through direct contact with the liquid that comes out of the nose or throat, or droplets that are spread through the air from others who contracted rubella. After contact and infected, symptoms generally appear within one to two weeks.

Early symptoms that arise is a high fever. The fever usually accompanied by respiratory tract infection symptoms such as coughs and colds. In addition, appearing also on eye symptoms, namely eye redness and watering (conjunctivitis).

Two to three days after symptoms begin to appear, you can view the presence of Koplik spots. Koplik spots are small white spots that appear on the inside of the cheek, usually on the upper cheek area.

After embossing Koplik spots, about 3-5 days after symptoms start, it will start to appear reddish spots. These spots are red and flat, will appear initially in the area of the face and hairline, and then spread down to the neck, body, arms, and legs. Once spread throughout the body, this can appear reddish spots blend into each other.

The appearance of a reddish patches are usually coupled high fever, can reach up to 400 C. After several days of fever generally will subside. Patches of redness usually disappears after 3-7 days. Reddish patches will change color to brownish skin and usually peeling.

Complications from rubella more often inflicted on children aged under 5 years. Generally these complications in the form of ear infections and diarrhea. However, it can also occur serious life threatening complications, such as infections of the lungs (pneumonia) and infection of the brain (encephalitis).

Rubella is indeed potentially causing serious health problems, even death, as has happened in Asmat. Fortunately the currently available vaccine measles so you can help protect your child or yourself from these diseases. Let's do prevention before it's too late!


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