The Rabbit Can Be Mated Correctly, How?

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When Is The Right Time To Mating A Rabbit? And What Is The Sign That Rabbit's Been Pregnant?

The rabbit is ready to mate if in the wild will usually be married females without difficulty. In contrast to the rabbit died. For rabbits that died need specific ways though simple so that the rabbit can marriage smoothly.

In terms of time to mating, the right to marry a rabbit was at the time the cold air as dawn or above eight o'clock at night.

To marry a rabbit in a cage way is to insert the first male rabbits in a cage, a few hours to let the male rabbits in a cage alone. Then enter the female rabbit in a cage in order to mate with the male rabbit. The meaning of the male rabbit is first inserted into the enclosure is to make the more powerful male rabbits in a cage so it's easy to mating a female.

Finished mating rabbits again separate males and females about half an hour and then enter again let if rabbit females still willing to what the males. If the female rabbits have already rejected a second, separate what rabbits.

Avoid intermarriage rabbits which still have blood relatives nearby to avoid child birth defects due to the rabbit mating inbreeding.

Signs of a pregnant Rabbit
  • Increased appetite
  • Belly look / enlarged
  • Increasingly aggressive behaviour
  • Begin busy making nest

Such simple tips how to splice a rabbit in a cage at the right time. May be useful.

A Pair of Rabbit


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