The Jalatunda Wells, Between the Mystical and the History, Dieng plateau, Wonosobo, Central Java, Indonesia

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The Mystical Aura Of The Jalatunda Wells (Jolotundo).
The Well of Jalatunda, Dieng Plateau
One of the tourist objects that exist in the Dieng plateau in the West Mountainous Dieng this is a Natural consequence of the ancient eruption formed hundreds of years ago, leaving a giant hole filled rain water and springs around the well, it could be said that wells because giant wells with a diameter of approximately 90 meters and has a depth of hundreds of meters, and the origin of the name is derived from the well of the Mahabharata or puppet stories supposedly He said used for Connecting the world with Earth layers to seven (Sapta Pratala). Although the term wear Jalatunda well, but not as well in General. Because of the physical appearance of the well of Jalatunda precisely similar to the pools or stagnant water in swamps bogs. Nevertheless, it is known as a fixed jalatunda well up to now.
The Gate of The  Jolotundo Wells
The Stories and The Legend About A Mystical Aura Of The Jalatunda Wells

According to one of the stories is held to surrounding communities, at times formerly Scorpion there is a beautiful Princess waiting for who love to dress all in white. But unfortunately his physical beauty is not accompanied with a good heart. This beautiful Princess often asked the tumbal to society about to be sacrificed and sunk into a pit. If you remember the story of Roro Jonggrang, surely you remember one Roro Jonggrang asked terms to Bandung Bondowoso meminangnya moment. Yes, that is the well of Jalatunda. After hearing the terms proposed Roro Jonggrang, thou, with accounts of the Prince successfully completed the well of Jalatunda. After the well is completed, the Prince is proud to show the results of his work. Princess Roro Jonggrang that basically don't want and Bandung Bondowoso who tried to trick the Prince by persuading him to descend into the well and check it out. After the Bandung Bondowoso who entered into the well, the Princess ordered Patih Gupolo to close up and build-up of the well with a rock and burying Bondowoso alive with the hope of Bandung Bondowoso who will die in it and not so automatic mempersunting himself.
Jalatunda Well
Other Story according to society or myth that developed the wells is a former footrest Bima (Puppet Character) is angry and then Stuck her foot into the ground so that it is making the giant hole that now named by the local community with the name of the well of Jalatunda, and not far from the wells there are also Natural Attractions namely the Lunar Crater Upfront that offer views in the form of a torrent of hot water (Fumarola) as high as 1 meter, and the origin of the name of the The sights are also taken from the Mahabharata puppet stories who was said to these places is a bathing place the Ghatotkacha (Puppet Character) used to improve his power to stamp out crime in the face of the Earth.

According to other versions, the well of Jalatunda gateways connecting the astral world or the occult. Supposedly the story under the well there are occult Empire Jalatunda connected with the Kingdom of the occult Nyi Roro Kidul South coast of Java. It is said that Nyi Roro Kidul often go to Dieng plateau for military duty with the ancestral ancestral Dieng-through the occult Jalatunda well.
Stairs to Jalatunda Well
But apart from the stories and myths that circulate orally, tourism offers Jalatunda well the exoticism of the impressive natural panoramas in the form of rows of small hills and verdant fields of potato plants flourish.

With the geographical layout such as Dieng volcanic areas active and is the area of a circle or volcanic Volcano (or ring of fire ring of fire) so that the area is not separated from the multitude of Dieng sights of nature that occurs due to the the ancient eruption Like Sikidang crater, crater, Lunar Crater Sibanteng upfront, Sikendang Crater, Crater, Crater Pager Weigh cage, Siglagah and craters, and by the existence of the activity in the mountainous Dieng could not escape the benefits Nature around or Potential Natural resources, namely in the form of a Geothermal power plant is now being processed as geothermal electrics power (Geothermal) units Dieng by PT. GEO DIPA ENERGY DIENG.


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