The Difference of Vertigo, Dizziness and Headaches

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Vertigo, Dizziness Or Headaches? (foto by: Google)

Need to distinguish between dizziness and headaches. Dizzy feelings usually accompanied the environment such as spinning (vertigo). What sort of complaints of headaches that you feel pain, do head across the head or side? Painful as knotted or throbbing? Are there any other symptoms such as tingling/numbness, weakness of the side of the body, vision disorders, weight loss, nausea/vomiting? How does the intensity of your pain, whether of the same or the longer the more weight? If you see the symptoms appear when the surrounding environment such as sway?

There are several causes of headaches and keep in mind that a headache is generally not known is why (approximately 90%). Usually headaches can be triggered by irregular eating patterns, fatigue, lack of sleep, etc. Headaches unknown is why this is called a primary headache, examples are migraine and tension type headache, cluster headache. Headache that is known to be a little more (secondary headaches) can be caused by e.g. toothache, fever, brain tumors, etc. While complaints of dizziness are usually caused by vertigo.

Tension type headache (TTH)

Most of the pain in the rear area of the head and neck caused by tension type headache (TTH). When complaints of headaches such as the littlest toe heavy objects/tied up and engage the muscles of the neck then chances are you are experiencing TTH. This type of headache is often accompanied by the presence of pain/stiffness in neck/nape section, which can also spread to the back, eyes or other muscles in the body.

Several factors can be a trigger for the onset of TTH, among others:

Stress: headache usually arise in the day or early evening after the stress of work or ujianGangguan tidurPosisi the wrong body when eating bekerjaWaktu teraturKelelahan mataPenghentian consumption kafeinMigrain

Approximately 60% of migraine sufferers will feel the headaches and throbbing. In addition to headaches, usually migraine sufferers may also experience vision disorders (such as pain when you see the light) or other sensory function disorders (such as numbness or tingling in the feet) some time before experiencing headaches, which known as the aura. However, not all migraine sufferers experience aura before the headache appears, only about 35% of migraines are accompanied by aura (classical migraine).


Vertigo is defined as a spinning Vertigo, so about us or our sense of self. Vertigo itself can be differentiated into two:

Central Vertigo: disorders of the nerves of the peripheral otakVertigo: kanalis semisirkularis disorders of the ears, the most frequent cause of vertigoBila your complaint preceded giddy spinning, nausea and vomiting occur, then most likely the disease the disease is called Vertigo

On the peripheral vertigo, the best prevention is to resolve the problem on the balance organs, this can be done by expert doctors ear, nose, and throat (ENT) or by a specialist doctor nerve. The doctor will perform the maneuvers associated with Your body position (Hallpike maneuver) so as to reduce or cure vertigo. If it has been exposed to vertigo, a simple treatment can help you is by consuming drugs, closed my eyes, and keep the position of the head does not move.

The structure of a particular head is sensitive to pain, while the brain itself is not sensitive to pain. The head of the Strutur are:

The scalp

Blood flow to the scalp

Muscles of head and neck

Blood vessels in the sinus cavity

Blood vessels in the brain membrane area

Nerve fibers of the brain (cranial nerves V, IX, X)

Major blood vessels in the cerebrum

Part of brain membranes which are the basis of brain

Disorder that occurs in one of the structures of the head can cause a headache.

In the meantime, what you can do when a headache strikes adalalah:

Medication Painkiller sakitIstirahatApabila after taking pain medication and rest, the pain does not diminish even the more fabulous, immediately came to the doctor. Necessary physical examinations and support to find out the cause of your headache.

Nausea and vomiting

Complaints of nausea and vomiting can be caused by many different things. The cause of the tersering is due to the peyakit of the stomach, where the stomach acid can lead to increased complaints of abdominal pain solar plexus and the sensation of shortness of breath. Ulcer disease is ganguan on the hull where an increase in stomach acid. Ulcers that can actually be caused by many things such as germs h. Pylori infection, stress, often late to eat etc. Well the causes of it can lead to ulcers (sores on stomach) that can cause disorders of the gastric wall.

To overcome the ulcer you can do is:

Avoid spicy foods, too acidic and containing gas (cabbage, Chinese cabbage, carbonated beverages) Avoid first consumption of coffee or tea. Eat a little-a little but often (and often small portions) can be up to 5 x in sehariJangan late meals (bring the provision when it's hard to eat at work) Try healthy foods in the diet, a lot of vegetables and fruit, as well as carbohydrates, healthy fats ( avoid fast food and processed meats such as sausage, chicken nuggets, hot dogs) try to avoid stress, try to switch to other activities when stress is indeed impaired. First, you can consume drugs anti stomach acid containing antacids to relieve symptoms. Antacids is a drug to lower stomach acid that works quickly. Antacids are typically used as acute therapy (when symptoms are appearing). For maintenance therapy can be given the drug the PPIs such as lansoprazole or omeprazole. If with dietary changes and medication is free, the complaint is not reduced, we suggest that you consult directly with a doctor for further examination is done to find out if there are wounds on Your stomach.


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