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Where To Put The Right Ads That Many Get Clicks From Visitors?

Bloggers and PPC ads are now inseparable. How many successful bloggers earn additional income could even become the staple income just from blogging and advertising with this type of PPC advertising. PPC advertising currently has indeed become a trend get rupiah or dollars from the internet.

Many successful bloggers and many also failed. Bloggers who fail or do not carry on his efforts to get additional income from PPC advertising is generally due to impatient to immediately get the money in large quantities while the visitors own blog still dozens of men per day.

Important note for novice bloggers are used to raise your traffic as many. To attract visitors to the blog as much as possible through various means such as through social media facebook, twitter, linkedin, instagram, kaskus etc. If you have enough capital advertise your blog with paid advertising such as adwords from google for example or other ppc advertising service providers.

After your blog visitors a lot of your articles and be subscribed the first page of search engines like google and bing then it's time you thought to earn an income from your blog by placing ppc ads.

The key of a good ppc advertising is advertising SHOULD BE seen clearly by the visitors of your blog. How to click ads if not visible?

Mistakes are often made by bloggers is put ppc advertising indiscriminate so click produced also very minimal. Where should put ppc ads that many got click visitors?

Based on the author's experience in putting up a good ppc ads from adsense, kumpulblogger, adnow, payclick and others, ads that many visitors get a click is on a initial half of the article or the top of your blog.

The experience of the dismantle advertise many times after analyzed turns out every kind of ppc ads mounted diparuh over the content or the blog page always gets the most clicks. Most likely because these ads very easily visible to visitors of the blog so it's likely to also click on more.
A good second place for placing ppc ads is the end of their contents or right under the blog article. This is because when the reader until the end of the article which he then ppc ads are attached will be directly visible and attractive advertising as well as interesting if visitors click on then it is likely will be even greater.

Another observation is the placement of ads in the sidebar, let alone the bottom very rarely get clicks from visitors. This is probably because a great many visitors who only focus on articles that are readable so didn't get to see the sidebar of your page and this means that your ppc ad placed in the sidebar is also rarely seen and klikpun increasingly hard to obtained.

Conclusion: the best place to install ppc ads on a blog in order to get many clicks is your diparuh top of the page and below the article. Please try and good luck, may get a click that much!


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