The Benefits of Ornamental Cat Flower Crops

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We may already know cat grass that grows easily everywhere and is classified as a wild plant. According to wikipedia, the kitten-tail grass (Pennisetum polystachion) is a species of tropical African grass, a member of the Poaceae tribe. These large grasses are deliberately taken and planted as animal feed, but often wander and grow as weeds on farmland. Sometimes some call it elephant grass. In English known as Mission grass or Feather pennisetum.Itulah glimpse of the cat tail grass, deliberately we discuss a little so that the reader is not mistaken between the cat's tail grass and cat's tail flower.

While that will be reviewed below is a cat tail flowers, both use the name of a cat tail, similar but different. If the cat tail grass is a wild plant while the cat's tail is a kind of ornamental plant that has been cultivated because of its growing nature is very easy to reproduced.

Cat Tail Flowers
Cat tail (Acalypha hispida Burm. F.) Is a plant originating from the West Indies. Cat tails are usually grown as an ornamental plant in the yard of the house or as a fence barrier plant. Called the cat's tail because of its flower shape similar to a cat's tail

In addition to being used as an ornamental plant, cats tail is also commonly used as a medicinal plant. Parts of plants used for the treatment are flowers and leaves.

Cat tail flowers can be used to treat dysentery, colitis, bleeding, such as dysentery, vomiting blood, nosebleeds, worms, burns, and ulcers (ulcers) in the legs. While the leaves are used to treat white patches on the skin due to loss of pigment (vitiligo), dysentery, coughing up blood (hemoptysis), bloody wounds, and canker sores.

Benefits of Cat's Tail Flowers.

Here are some examples of the use of cat's tail for traditional medicine:

Vomiting blood

Take the tail of the cat to taste, then chewed raw with white pinang, if necessary add a little ginger, kencur, and leaves young pulai. Perform this treatment every day.

Or it could be with interest. Cat tail flower is crushed with enough brown sugar then eaten.


Wash a handful of fresh leaves and kencur the size of 1/2 thumb until clean, then milled until smooth. Apply on the white-clothed body, then dressing. Perform this treatment every day.

Bloody wounds

To cover the wound, wash a handful of fresh leaves until clean, then mash until smooth. Paste on the wound, then dress with a bandage.

Treating dysentery

Take 10-30 grams of cat's tail, wash it clean and then boil it until the water is boiling. Once cool, the water is filtered and then drunk.

Treating colitis

To treat colitis, take 20 grams of cat's tail, wash it, then boil it with enough water to boil. Once cool, the water is filtered and then drunk.

Eradicating Worms

Worms in children can be treated with a cat tail flower. Way, provide 15 grams of cat's tail, then boiled with enough water to boil. Once cool, the water is filtered and then drunk. To further attract children to drink it can be mixed with syrup flavor that the children like.

Similarly, some of the benefits of ornamental cat cats flower that is often in our house. Be careful not to be mistaken with the tail grass of the cat, because if the cat tail grass is a wild plant that is often used for animal feed.


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