The Beauty of the Maldives, the Romance in the middle of the Ocean

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Maldives Tourist Destination, The Island Nation in the Middle of the Ocean
The Maldives has long been known as a popular tourist destination. Lots of tourists from all over the world to visit the Maldives. Like what exactly the beauty of Maldives?
For tourists who love with beach tourism will certainly love the atmosphere in the Maldives. Clean and natural beaches, clear sea water, the beautiful underwater scenery with a variety of fish and coral sea are colorful, became a strong attraction for tourists to come to the Maldives.
Country nature tourism destinations of the ocean with the majority population to Islam. Islam is an important part of the country-edged money Rufiyaa it. Friday into a special day, so weekdays set starting Sunday to Thursday. In the month of Ramadan, all cafes and restaurants were closed, and the Government is restricting the hours of work. Else every Athan echoed five times a day, cafes, restaurants and shops stop their commercial activities as long as fifteen minutes.
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Friday be a day the most important Muslim Maldives to visit a mosque. To that end, the shops and offices throughout the country put an end to their activity at about 11.00 pm. Sermon Friday held one and a half hours later, or at about 12.30. Islam became one of the most important living inhabitants of the Maldives, and became the only recognized religions in the country.

Residents of the Maldives early chances came before the year 500 BCE, from Sri Lanka and Southern India. In the 12th century, fishermen from East Africa and Arab countries arrived in the Maldives.

The first people to colonize the Maldives comes from India, but the date is not diketaui, and is estimated to occur in 269 BC before the year of his first Empire was founded by the son of the King of Kalinga in India. The King is not very fond of his son, therefore he was sent to the Maldives, which was then known as Dheeva Maari. The Crown Prince named Sri Soorudasaruna Adeettiya is responsible for establishing the Adeetta Dynasty of the Maldives. Famous Sun Dynasty, an era ended with the marriage of the Queen of the Solar Dynasty with the Crown Prince of the dynasty of Kalinga Month.
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The Portuguese colonized the Maldives from 1558 and 1573. The Maldives under the protection of the Netherlands in the 17th century. In 1887, the Maldives under the protection of the United Kingdom until 1965, when the Maldives get full independence from the United Kingdom.

For centuries, the Sultanate system embraced the then Maldives adopts the form of republika in 1952 and the Sultanate was replaced in 1954. In 1968, melelaui the referendum, republika stand. In Nasir, an authoritarian President since 1968, was succeeded by Maumoon Abdul Gayoom in 1978. Gayoom was elected for a five year six in 2003.

The official name is the Republic of Maldives Maldives. However, the long name of the local Dhivehi Raajjeyge Jumhooriyyaa is official. The Maldives capital of Male.

To foster awareness about climate change, the Maldives held a cabinet meeting which was held beneath the sea in the year 2009. This is the first country in the world to do so.

There are 1,190 coral islands grouped in 26 atolls (200 islands with a population of plus 80 islands with tourist resorts); the strategic location of the Islands and along with the main line of the sea in the India. 95% of the Maldives consists of water.

The term "atoll" comes from the Dhivehi, "Atholhu", which means "coral-like ring around the Lake" and the term atoll is the only United Kingdom language taken from the Dhivehi.

The Maldives is the lowest and most countries in the world. The most basic level land in the Maldives is at 1.5 m, and the highest point in the island's Villingili, elevations of 2.3 from sea level. Because it is low, the Maldives are worried with the possibility of drowning, as climate change continues to provide its influence.
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Liquor is prohibited except in hotels and resorts, as the Maldives is a Muslim. The Maldives is a muslim country in the world.

The Maldives is known as a country that is intolerant. Law of the Maldives written in 1997 stipulates that every citizen of the Maldives must be Muslim.

Buddhism is the dominant religion, before finally moving to the religion of Islam in the 12th century. Pupau is a place of Buddhist relics Thoddoo important. Islam became the official State religion of the Maldives, and the Constitution amended in 2008 which included the statement that non-Muslims should not be a citizen of the Maldives.

The Crescent Moon in the flag of the Maldives to Islam menyimbulkan, green color symbolizes the palm trees, and the red background symbolizes the blood that was shed by the hero of the Maldives.

Unlike the other countries in which rotational holiday is Sunday. In the Maldives holidays every week falls on Friday and Saturday.

Reading level in the Maldives reached 98%, 100% of children can feel the elementary and 99% can be attended higher education.

The Maldives is Dhivehi language.

The coconut tree is a symbol of the national emblem of Maldives and trees that grow only on the beach. The wood used to make boat Dhoni.

Biggest fish in the world to have an official nature reserve in three places in the Maldives. The Maldives is among the few countries in the world where sharks can be found throughout the year.

Sharks of Maldives are well known in the world and attracts thousands of scuba divers to visit the Maldives each year. Maldives itself regarded as a paradise for divers. There are many types of sharks in the Maldives.

The islands of the Maldives is derived from coral. The sand is white. The coast of coral in the Maldives represents 5% of the coastline in the world and is composed mostly of quartz sand.

Traditional music of the Maldives is Bodu Meru (large drums), IE traditional music in the form of drums that are a relic of East Africa several centuries ago. The music is very rhythmic and Meru Bodu feels elusive (transcendental).

The people of the Maldives built his house on the top of the reef. This traditional House is now forbidden since most of the reef is protected. Many homes still standing on the island of Malé and nearby islands.

The Maldives has the smallest island in the world, its length is just 6 km away.

Parrot adds the beauty of the beaches of the Maldives. Coral sand is the result of coral is eaten and undigested.

Millions of Cowry shells could be found in the Maldives. The shells were used as money in the middle ages. This is why on Maldivian coins now pictorial shells.
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The islands of Maldives are most likely the result of the sinking volcano that formed thousands of years.

In 2008, the Maldives achieve ranks as the kind of countries with the best beaches (Best Country Brand for Beach) and the Best place for rest and relaxation (Best Country Brand for Rest and Relaxation). It also holds the second best country Types for its natural beauty (Best Country for Natural Beauty) and ranked third best state types in terms of resort and lodging options (Best Country Brand for Resort and Lodging Options).

Paradise Island Resort is a resort located five animal on the Island Paradise that according to locals with Lankanfinolhu, Maldives. Opened in November 1994 and located in North Male Atoll, just 9.6 km from Male International Airport. Island Paradise 932 metres in length and width is 210 metres with a total area of 201,508 square meters.

Gan is the southern most island in the Addu Atoll (formerly also known as Seenu Atoll), it is also the southernmost islands of the Maldives. The island is relatively large for the standard of the Maldives. Gan now has a hotel catering to tourists and connected by cross-walk on the water that connects tetanggnya island like Feydu Island, Maradu and Hithadhoo,.

One of the most interesting attractions for tourists in the Maldives was the Sultan Park, which is now open to the public, was built in the 16th century, on the South side of the Royal Palace, in the city of Malé. Other attractions are the National Museum, which displayed the objects from Arab, Sri Lanka, and the Dravidian languages; Islamic Centre and mosque Friday for the great golden dome. The oldest mosque, Hukuru Miski, is famous for its stone carvings.

Maldives-food staple rice and fish. Fish is an important source of protein, eat a little vegetable. Betel leaf with arekanut, cloves, and lime, which is known by the foh, chewed after meals. Parents suck guduguda, namely pipe lengthened and dipped into the water. Most of the food served at a tourist resort was imported. Local drinks, Raa, is the sweet alcohol made from the flowers of coconut trees.

On December 26, 2004, tsunami in India Ocean which destroyed 12 Asian countries. Maldives reported there are 82 victims of death and suffer damage. 14 islands in the Maldives became perpenghuni because it had to be evacuated, and 79 of the island suffer a crisis of clean water.

Dengue fever is a disease that many infected citizens of Maldives. 2011 Census reported tigaratus people contracted dengue fever and five of them to death. Dengue fever and cikunguya is a disease that periodically occur in the Maldives. Both are due to diakibatakn by mosquito bites.

To the West of pupau Male, there is a unique swimming pools, which are made in the breakwater. Boduthakurufaanu Magu, was in dealing with a State Electric Company Limited, the people of the Maldives made an Olympic standard swimming pool, which is lined with pontoon floats.

The Maldives is a paradise of water sports. In addition to the swimming pool there are other water sports such as water skiing, banana-shaped boat riding and banana boat ride), and more.

Collar Benny is a species found in reefs in the Maldives, in the West of India Ocean. These animals can reach 4 cm in length.

Undholi is a traditional swing in the Maldives. Undholi usually a large wooden bench or nets.

Maldives creates the world's largest marine reserve. At the confluence of the Rio + 20, the Maldives announced it will create the world's largest marine reserve to protect the fish and buodiversiti. If this is the case then the Maldives became the only country to preserve the aquatic environment. Its construction will be completed in 2017.

Divorce rate in Maldives was the highest in the world. The divorce rate reached 10.97 per 1000 people per year.

The Maldives is one of the safest places in the world. The level of criminalism almost nothing in this hidden island resort places.

The Maldives, so the spelling of Malay call a country with 1200-an island of coral in the South-southwestern India, about 700 kilometres southwest of Sri Lanka. A more universal spelling for the name of this South Asian country is the Maldives, with the official name of the Republic of Maldives.

In addition to known by an amazing landscape, Maldives saves the history of Islam. An Islamic Research Centre, Royal Islamic Strategic Research Center (RISSC), last year reported research results that mention Maldives as a Muslim country.

As quoted one of the online media the Maldives, Minivan News, the number of adherents of Islam there was 99.41 percent of the total population. While the Constitution of Maldives claimed that the inhabitants are 100 percent Muslim, because indirectly, Islam is a requirement for someone to hold the status of a citizen of the Maldives.

Until the middle of 1991, out of a total area of daratannya that only 298 square kilometers, the Maldives has 725 mosque around the turn. That amount does not include other mosque 266 set aside for women.

However, eight years later, in June 2009, the Government of the Maldives announced the closure of the entire Special mosque. The reason is to reduce government spending and mosque management related stresses "that the best prayer place for women is in the home".

Cocoa Island

The island of CocoaPantai in the island of Cocoa is so exotic. Have a vast stretches of white sand, accompanied by the sound of the sea waves, becoming attraction for tourists. At this location, you can do interesting activities, one of which is scuba diving. The island also have facilities in the form of resort with good quality.

Maldives does have a decent variety of beach called heaven. This beach is the beach of subscriptions for the tourists coming to Maldives. Many tourists who like to run while in nautical tourism beach. Characteristic of this beach is where the water is so clear and white sand beaches suitable for those who like the beach activities. One day it feels not quite being at the beach, for you are advised to stay. Many lodgings that you can select when you are here.

Island Vaadhoo

Next there is the island of "Pulau Vaadhoo" (Vaadhoo Island). The island population is the population of approximately 500 people is famous for its natural charm. A natural phenomenon that became an attraction for the tourists is the presence of phytoplankton emit light which is bright enough. Unfortunately the phenomenon does not happen every day. If you are lucky when it comes to the Maldives, you can watch it. Blue granules granules that are in the Maldives is absolutely not the result of mere computer engineering. However it is purely real existed in Maldives.

For those of you who want to feel the make a tour in different places, you can come to this island. The island is almost uninhabited. That's because pupulasi Haal inhabitants who settled in the island that is only 500 inhabitants in 2007 on the island. Although the population there, but every weekend or every holiday season many tourists who once berbondong bondong to this place.

National Museum Of Maldives

National Museum of MaladewaApabila you want to enjoy your tour in addition to the beach in the Maldives, you can pay a visit to the National Museum of Maldives. Here, you can see the rich heritage of the Royal times of Buddha. For the walls, decorated by the writings of Al-Quran that are made by hand and is still well preserved until today.

As a historic museum is certainly has many collections. The collection of artifacts, ranging from costumes and shoes, coins, jewelry, weapons and armor. For the location of the national museum is not far from the Sultan Park Male that can be accessed using a variety of means of transport. Public transportation such as buses and taxis can go directly to the National Museum. Naasional Museum of the Maldives is open from Sunday to Thursday at 9 in the morning till ukul by 5 pm.

The Palace Of The Mulee Aage

Mulee AageIstana Palace was built by Sultan Shamsudden III in 1906. The Palace is unique and certainly has the attraction. Building with a red roof, most of the walls are colored white and blue fan-shaped wall, carving, so if you want to see the building, will not be difficult for you to find it.

It included a fairly small: for the Palace is built on a land area that is not so widespread. To find the Palace is very easy because the colors of the buildings of the Palace more striking compared to neighboring buildings. Part of the roof of the Palace's own Palace, the walls red ebrwarna is dominated by the blue funds also white color. Building a window that is in the Palace was decorated with a blue cotton size.

Gallery Esjehi

Esjehi maldives Gallery if you want to pay a visit to one of the oldest buildings in Maldives, please come to the Gallery Esjehi. The building stands at 1870. Anything that can be seen when it comes to location? Well, here you will be treated with a large number of modern and traditional paintings, including carving antique wood panel already preserved. To reach the Gallery Esjehi, you can take public transport.

The location of this gallery are in the capital Male to be exact. In order to be heading to the Gallery Esjehi you can use public transportation which is always on standby to take you to the gallery. For those of you who memilikki the soul of art and would like to see rich art nda is expected to visit this place. You will find art work that you never seen before. Its opening hours are Thursday to Saturday. The hour from 08.00 until 19.30. Whereas 07.00 a.m. starts Friday morning until 2 pm.

Biyadhoo Island Resort

Biyadhoo Island resort is one of the ResortIni on the island offering serene atmosphere Biyadhoo and enchanting scenery. Biyadhoo Island is considered the home of the best reef Maldives. A variety of exciting activities you can do while on the Island include diving Biyadhoo/diving, snorkeling and other water sports.

For those of you who want to dive around the island there are at least 35 dive spots. To note is you have to look at the State of the weather and currents when going to do dives. Anyway besides that's fun for snorkeling and diving, the island of calm is just the right choice for a refreshing and relaxing. These sights are also affordable, so and not have to spend a lot of money when you are here. Although the price is affordable, service and tourist keindhana in this place does not need to be dirgukam

Utheemu Ganduvaru

Utheemu Ganduvaru for those of you who like to have a tour of the history, the location of this one fits so choice. Utheemu Ganduvaru Name. The residence of Sultan Mohamed Thankurufaan. Located in the northern part of the island of Maldives named island of Utheemu, included in one of the Islands are inhabited. Mohamed Thankurufaan is a hero who is very proud of his service by the people of the Maldives due to the nation, to protect his people from the Portuguese colonial rule. No wonder, Yes, if he gets the highest honour of the citizens of the Maldives.

The sights of this historic tampa maintained and neatly arranged. You are beribur here could commemorate the services of the service of Sultan Mohamed Thankurufaan. Sutan against Portugi invaders for 15 years. Even though this place is already a long standing but still orderly and well-maintained.

HP Reef and Manta Point

HP ReefInilah sea protection area which is in the North Male Atoll called HP Reef. As you explore the site, you will be pampered with the formation of coral reefs and a variety of stylish, colorful fish that spoil the view. HP Reef belongs to the one of the best dive sites and is recommended.

Create your professional divers or beginners, you can still try the thrill of pemyelaman in Manta Point. In that location, you can see a lot of manta rays that hunt prey or eating small fish nearby. Manta rays going around a large coral rock and wait for prey there. Both attractions are suitable for you who like to explore the underwater beauty. Guaranteed you will get a pleasant diving experience while beada here. Sea life and the beauty of its bottom is still awake and well maintained. Proven banyakya marine life that have survived until today.
Maldives (img by google)
Banana Reef

Banana ReefMasih is located in the North Male Atoll, divers can try the thrill of diving in the Banana Reef. This place is touted as the most popular diving locations in the Maldives. Well, the name is unique, Yes? Indeed, in keeping with its name, Banana Reef shape similar to bananas and extends up to 300 meters from the North to the South.

Anything that can be encountered while performing the dives? Of course pretty coral rocks, with many fish of various sizes and colors, as well as some fish are quite rarely found anymore, you can find when making dives in Banana Reef (napoleon wrasse, bannerfish, to moray eels). Echoes of Banana Reef is already up to a foreign visitor, even was named one of the best dive sites in Maldives.

Alimatha Island

IslandSalah Alimatha island that is located to the East of Vaavu Atoll, Maldives. A variety of interesting activities to do include diving, snorkeling, Beach Tourism supported complete facilities. Besides this one island is rich of beautiful beaches, it is also rich in historic sites that make you dizzy. With the abundance of greenery and also the trees on the island of Alimantha, adds to the charm of the island. The island is recommended as tourist destinations you when vacationing in the Maldives.

Do penyelamandi Maldives diving or bring your own pleasure for diving beginners and skilled people diving. The island will bring a personal pleasure for those of you who love diving. Coral reefs abound and accompanied by a rare sea fauna could make an incredible diving experience. You can join the Alimatha Diving Center already established starting in 2006. Alimatha Doiving Center can also arrange trips the diver in the every day.

Sun Island Resort and Spa

Sun Island Resort and SpaLokasi this place exists in the South Ari Atoll. Upon arriving at the Sun Island, you will be treated with a diverse variety of beautiful tropical flowers, green plants and lagoons. This is touted as the most luxurious resort in the Maldives with the many hotels, villas, also lodging complete with adequate facilities. So can choose lodging or bungalow that fits the desires of your heart.

The beauty of this beach is suitable for married couples who will do the honeymoon. The sights of the beautiful, crystal clear water beach with bridges in the center that makes you able to enjoy the island's beaches are much closer. For lodging not to worry because here the available diverse lodging prices vary.

The island of Landaa Giraavaru and Nika

Nika island on the coast of the island of Nika found coral reefs and shallow lagoons as well. The beaches are full of sunshine and sparkling clear sea water, as well as the sand soft. Suitable as a location for scuba diving, snorkeling, and basking in the Sun, go for a swim. With a current that arguably barely exist, very safe to do dives enjoying the beauty of its bottom or swim. The night you will be pampered with typical menus of the Maldives who had a unique flavor.

The island is located in the coral island Baa which was designated as a world biosphere reserve by UNESCO. The island is surrounded by the crystal clear beach with white sands and coral reefs are in the vicinity. A quiet sea water and not in, making them favored by divers/scuba diving, as well as a person who can swim with turtles, whale sharks, and manta.
Maldives (photo by google images)
The Superiority Of Maldives

The following is the advantages islands of Maldives which we should know:

Have A Wide Range Of Recreation Facilities Of Children

Maldives has many leisure options for children. JAD if choose to vacation here, you will not get dizzy looking for recreation for the fruit of the heart. In addition to can enjoy the thrill of riding the banana boat and diving. Children can also participate in the celebrations of special children namely summer camp and the children's day.

Clean and pollution free environment

Recreational tourism in the Maldives are mostly with the feel of nature. Resortnya else far from industrial center or the factory, so that pollution-free. Visiting here is very comfortable and healthy for you and your family.

Unique Culinary

In addition to the rich natural tourism, Maldives also has the appeal of a typical food, including dining options as well. The mandatory menu you taste while visiting the Maldives including chicken biryani, garudiva, huni roshi, and mas. While to feel the sensation of eating differently, you can pay a visit to the underwater restaurant named Ithaa Undersea Restaurant or go to a Seagul Café.

Culture and festivals Attract

Culture and festivals of the Maldives is famous and is still preserved today. Some of which is a celebration of independence day eid, horse Maldives, martyrs day, until huravee day. A celebration of the culture you can follow along with the society of Maldives.


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