Review of Payclick.com, a Site that is Proven to Pay the Publisher

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Review of Payclick.com, PPC ads Google Adsense Alternative Ad featuring Native and proven Pay

Www.payclick.com. Many adsense alternative ad that actually can be fitted to your blog if you want it, but you must be creative search for it on the internet. Usually, a blogger that they are still rejected by google adsense or are still not able to sign up as publishers adsense ads are more diligent in looking for alternative types of ads as compared to those who had put up adsense ads on her blog.
There is indeed a ban from adsense for advertising other advertising with the grouping that has exactly the same format with adsense but allow publishers showing types of ppc advertising is another different format with the original format of the adsense ads.

Grouping with other ads adsense advertising with a view to improving earnings is legitimate only as far as it does not violate the policy of google. There are some advertising alternatives that can be installed together with the google ads even though both ppc ads because the format of the forms of advertising are indeed completely different from adsense.

One of the alternate ads that can be juxtaposed with google adsense and proven pay is advertising from the site payclick.com.

The author has already put an ad payclick.com and proven pay when PO $50 could've achieved via paypal or other (for payment is wire transfer must be at least reaches new $200 can payout). Proof of payment was deliberately not my show as usual because the author will not review a site advertising if not already installed it and haven't ever payout so that readers are also not fooled by advertising sites abal-abal (please see ad payclick that is also installed on this blog biting with other ads including google adsense).

For a blog that many visitors, the number of $50 will be easily reached and payout of payclick could be once a week or at the latest 2 weeks once. Display ad payclick.com and adnow.com ad site are similar to the equally the format natively display advertisements similar to the related articles with images (thumbnails) so that as part of the blog content.

Example of display ads from payclick.com
example ads from payclick.com

Example of display ads from payclick.com
If you're interested in signing up please just type www.payclick.com and to list him please fill in only the format that existed on the site because it's easy and simple so it is not the author of the show here the ways details.

Almost all types of sites is received by payclick.com even the blogs visitors are still a little too accepted by payclick.com. Please try an alternate ad payclick.com that can be installed together with google adsense and other ad types. Number of ads placed no limitations.


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