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Low Payments limit Certainly Accessible by publishers to claim payout, this is the one of the plus value of Native Ad by Adnow.com

Since operating in Indonesia, this native ad provider quickly and development was able to attract and advertise online ad publisher in Indonesia. A lot of bloggers who then try putting up ads from adnow at their blog. Most then indeed it off again maybe because the value of their ad is too small.

The value of ads from adnow sometimes it is indeed tiny, can only $0.01 and of course with such a small click value will be very difficult for the blog with the minimal pv can reach payout even though it was only $20.

A few months ago the advertising value of the adnow attached to this blog is also very small $0.01 only so in the day can only get $0.3 alone and finally had me remove all ad adnow with the hope of later will be installed again may the value of advertising have gone up again.

Time of this writing were made native ad click value of adnow.com on this blog have started back to normal at 0.03 dollars so every day can accumulate around the $1 and get payout once a month. Okay.

It used to be the early advertising native of adnow this, earnings per day can $2-$3 and of course very beneficial as can payout a month twice. Somehow the value of advertising is getting increasingly shrinking.

It turns out that after looking around on the internet and also analyze other ad providers are trying to installed also on this blog, almost evenly distributed value click them too is decreasing. Most likely decreased the value of ads per kliknya due to the competition between the providers of advertising sites to attract advertiser to put ads on its site.

So if your pv fair for example 10,000 per day and you advertise adnow chances are you would indeed be easy to get to the regular payout each month due to limit payout adnow.com just $20 very low if compared to the payout in order to limit from google adsense $100 must reach the minimal funds can be disbursed.


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