Oversleeping: The Dangers Of Sleeping Too Much

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Oversleeping, Sleeping too much (photo by: Google)
Everything that is done in excess can cause hazard, including sleeping too long. Find out what are the dangers of sleeping too long against your health, in the following explanation.

Everyone has different sleep needs, depending on age, daily activities, lifestyle, and health conditions. Bed time ideal for adults is between 7 to 9 hours, while the elderly (elderly) need an ideal bedtime around 7 to 8 hours. However, the need for sleep can change, depending on how good the quality of sleep.

Understand The Dangers Of Sleeping Too Much or Oversleeping
Too much sleep can be as bad as too little - and may even shorten life, new research suggested today. A study that included more than a million participants over the age of 30 found that people who slept for eight hours or more, or less than four hours, had a significantly higher death rate than those who managed six or seven hours a night.  The research showed a clear association between long duration sleep and high mortality rates. But at present, the United States scientists who conducted the investigation cannot explain their findings.  Dr Daniel Kripke, a professor of psychiatry at the University of California in San Diego, said: "We don't know if long sleep periods lead to death.  Additional studies are needed to determine if setting your alarm clock earlier will actually improve your health.  "Individuals who now average 6.5 hours of sleep a night can be reassured that this is a safe amount of sleep. From a health standpoint, there is no reason to sleep longer." (dailymail.co.uk)
A person is said to be sleeping too long if you have time to sleep more than ideal sleep needs, often difficulty waking up in the morning, often a sleepy time of activity, or still feel sleepy after a NAP.

If there is continuous, the dangers of sleeping too long you can experience include:

Often sleep for too long during the day, making it difficult to sleep at night, will make you experience a headache the next day. This happens because sleep too long can affect the work of chemical compounds in the brain.

Studies reveal, the usual people beds longer or about 9 – 10 hours at night tend to be obese than those with a normal sleeping hours. Similar thing can also occur in conditions of lack of sleep.

Sleeping too long or rather too little, effect on the increased risk of diabetes. Research shows that people often sleep too long or less, sleep more at risk of experiencing a disruption in the setting of blood sugar levels.

Mental disorders
Depression and sleep disorders such as insomnia has close links. However, as much as 15% of sufferers of depression also experience sleep problems for too long. Sleeping too long is more common in people with depression from the age young adults or those with bipolar disorder. In addition, sleep for too long can also lead to impaired memory, anxiety, and fatigue.

Heart disease
Based on the results of the study, the women who have the habit of going to bed between 9 to 11 hours each night were more at risk of heart disease compared to women exposed to the usual sleep for 8 hours every night. Sleeping too long can weaken the immune system, it's what makes someone who often sleeps too long become more prone to illness.

Back pain
Dangers of sleep too long with the position on your back can cause back pain. To reduce the pain, doctors suggest that reducing excess hours sleeping or start to get used to sleeping regularly with a normal number of hours of sleep.

The Importance Of Paying Attention To The Quality Of Sleep

To get the benefits of sleep, then the quality of sleep You should be repaired. Sleep quality not necessarily long. Instead, sleep quality not necessarily too long.

Below are some ways that can be done to improve the quality of your sleep, so you avoid the dangers of sleeping too long.

Schedule sleep
Make sure you sleep on time and try to wake up before sunrise. Follow that schedule, including weekends.

Exercise regularly
The benefits of exercise can help you improve sleep patterns at the same time improve the quality of your overall health. But avoid the sport shortly before going to bed.

Avoid caffeine and alcohol
Preferably six hours before bed, no longer consuming caffeine. In addition to coffee, the caffeine that need to be avoided also include tea, soda and chocolate. In addition, avoid alcohol as it can also cause you woke up at midnight or a nightmare while sleeping.

Create an atmosphere of comfortable bedrooms
The room condition is very influential to the quality of your sleep. Try arranging rooms, ranging from a set temperature, sound, and light sleep. Beds are comfortable, so make sure your mattress is also convenient. Electronic tools, such as mobile phones (cell phones), it is turned off for a minimum of 2 hours before bed. These tools may interfere with Your sleeping hours.

Limit hours NAP
NAP can affect your night's sleep. Limiting hours NAP can help you maintain your quality of sleep at night.

In order for your sleep quality, try to always soothe your mind. Avoid the habit of thinking of things that weight before going to bed.

If you often sleep for too long and starting to feel annoyed with that habit, it is better to consult a doctor immediately to find out the cause and get a way out to solve it, so you can avoid the various hazards of sleep for too long.


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