Nature Tourism Destination, Dieng Plateau, Indonesia

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Nature Tourism Destination Plateau Dieng, Wonosobo, Central Java

Telaga Cebong Dieng

This is a lake above a cloud, a lake located at an altitude of 2300 m above sea level, located in the Village Sembungan. Telaga Cebong is a beautiful natural harmony that you can find in the tourist area of ​​Dieng in Wonosobo. You can even camp in the lake area.

The blue sky color blends with the green hills that bounce off the calm, clear surface of the lake. In this place, you will feel the beauty of nature is so charming and the mountain air is refreshing. Riding a boat and circling the lake is the best way to experience the natural charms of the lake above the cloud. Have you ever imagined boating on a mountain?

The water in the lake is not mixed with sulfur, therefore the color is clear and clean. Have a depth of 2 - 4 meters, you can even fishing in this Lake Cebong. In general, the connoisseurs who come to the tourist area Dieng first enjoy the sunrise at Bukit Sikunir Dieng before a stop to Telaga Cebong.

Telaga Warna Dieng

In the tourist area of ​​Dieng, there is a lake that presents a beautiful natural phenomenon, namely the change of water color from the lake. This is Lake Dieng Color, an alluring landmark that you can find in Wonosobo District. You can down the ledge of this lake, there is also a small balcony as a place to sit back to enjoy the natural beauty that is there.

If you are interested to see the beauty of Telaga Warna Dieng in full, you can climb to the top of the hill that fences the lake. At that altitude, you will find the beauty of the lake with colors that are so captivating, with grabs of attractive colors.

Water in the lake is sometimes green and yellow or colorful like a rainbow. This happens because in the water there is a high enough sulfur content so that when the sunlight about it, the color of the lake water appears colorful.

Telaga Warna lake

Telaga Warna lake

Telaga Warna is one of the landmarks of Dieng Wonosobo tourism. Color Telaga name taken because this lake has a different color. Telaga Warna has its own legend.

According to local legend, the color that appears on the surface of the lake is because a long time when there was a ring belonging to the nobleman who fell into the lake. Scientifically, the different colors of the lake are due to the refraction of light on the sulfur deposits at the bottom of the lake.

The color dominance of this lake is green, blue sea and yellowish white. If you want to see the beauty of the color of the lake, you can climb to the top of the hill that surrounds the lake. At the edge of the lake, there is a balcony that can be used to sit back to enjoy the beauty of this lake.

Bukit Sikunir

Bukit Sikun

Want to see the sunrise? You can come to Sikunir Hill. This hill is a famous hill among tourists as a place to hunt for sunrise. Bukit Sikunir is located in the village of Sembungan which is the highest village in Central Java.

Sikunir Hill is at an altitude of 2200 masl. Named the hill Sikunir because this hill makes many tourists hunted sunrise hunt. The yellowish sun color like turmeric makes local people call it sikunir. Kunir is the Javanese language of turmeric.

Jalatunda Well

Jalatunda Well.

The Jalatunda well is located in Pekasiran Village, Bantur District, Banjarnegara District, approximately 12 km west of Dieng's main tourist location.

The Jalatunda well was once a recess of the crater that was then flooded by water with a diameter of 90 meters and a depth of more than 200 meters. Because the stagnant water of this niche looks like a well.

To reach the Jalatunda Well, you must prepare physically to climb 257 steps. On the last step you will find a pile of pebbles on a sack of rice. According to the myth of the local people, who can throw the pebbles from across the well to the opposite side, his hope can come true.

Therefore, when you visit this well, you will find gravel pebbles. The price set for the pebble is 500 rupiah. Many travelers try their luck by throwing these pebbles.

Crater in Dieng

Sikidang Crater

Dieng Plateau Wonosobo has some beautiful craters, namely Sikidang Crater, Candradimuka Crater, and Sileri Crater is still active.

Sikidang Crater is one of the crater that used as a mainstay of tourist attractions in Dieng and located in eastern Dieng region. The scenery around this crater is very beautiful, a blend of green hills and limestone land around the crater ground.

It is named after Sikidang because the magma pool in this crater often moves like Kidang (Javanese language for Kijang animals). The magma fluctuation in the crater is also quite high, between half to one meter.

Sileri Crater is one of the largest crater in the Dieng plateau with an area of ​​about 4 hectares. You can reach this crater with a 7 km journey from the main tourist area of ​​Dieng.

Sileri crater still still issued white smoke. It was named Sileri because the water color of this crater is white and the aroma is like the water used for washing rice (in Javanese called leri).

While Candradimuka Crater is a famous crater in the story of puppet legend. In the legend is told, this crater is a place where Gatotkaca dijedi (bathed in Javanese) so it has an extraordinary powers. Location of this crater is approximately 6 km from the tourist center Dieng.

Dieng Temple

Arjuna Temple Complex

The temple is a symbol of tourism in Dieng. The temple is also what makes Dieng a sacred place. Here there are many Hindu temples scattered in various locations.

The temples contained in Dieng are named according to Mahabharata figures. There are temples Bima, Arjuna, Gatot Kaca, Srikandi, and others. Model temple building here follows the shape of the temple in India with typical statues and reliefs that adorn the temple building.

Route Journey Towards Dieng Plateau

a) Jogja - Dieng Tour

The route is Jogja - Sleman - Tempel - Muntilan - Magelang - Wonosobo - Dieng

Travel as far as 120 km, travel time 3.5 hours.

b) Magelang - Dieng Tour

The route is Magelang - Secang - Temanggung - Parakan - Kertek - Wonosobo - Dieng

Travel as far as 65 km, travel time 2 hours.

c) Solo - Dieng Tour

The trip route is Solo - Kartasura - Boyolali - Ampel - Salatiga - Bawen - Ambarawa - Secang - Temanggung - Parakan - Kertek - Wonosobo - Dieng

Travel 180 km, travel time 6 hours.

d) Semarang - Dieng Tourism

The trip route is Semarang - Unggaran - Bawen - Ambarawa - Secang - Temanggung - Parakan - Kertek - Wonosobo - Dieng

Travel as far as 120 km, travel time 3.5 hours.


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