Natural Tourism destinations in Riau, From Beach To Zoos

The List of Natural Attractions and Other Tourism Destination in Riau

Riau has many natural attractions that can be used as a potential natural tourism destinations for tourists both foreign and domestic tourists.

Bengkalis Regency

Sights are:
-New Strait Coast and Single Seals
-Sand Beach (Island Of The Meeting),
-Protected forest and elephant training
-Island Meeting

sights are:
-Old Weekend Tourism Area
-Forest Koservasi Kerumutan

The Cultural Tourist Area-Petalangan

Sights are:
Makmur bays: the Makmur Bay area native either in the review of customs and traditions, as well as a very beautiful natural environment in the add with the houses of the old Malay architecture has the potential to be developed into a tourist Kampong in Yogyakarta like the Mortein da tourism in Malacca.

The Town Of Pekan Baru

Sights are
-Lake Rumba
-Lake Limbungan

Wana-Forest Service,

Kampar Regency
Its tourism objects are:
-High Garden Waterfall
Osang River Waterfalls
-Binamang Waterfall
-Top Panorama
-Hot Springs Sinamanenek

Bangkinang District-Siabu
Lakes Hopes Tanjung Rambutan

-HYDROPOWER Reservoirs Koto panjang

-Dam Ompang Oewai
-River Dams Nails
-Dam Sembat Kampar
-Tibun River Dam
Cadika Hills
Na'ang hills
-Zoo Kasang kulim
-Mini Garden Kembangh Sungkai
-The Rimbang Baling Wildlife
-Humpback Hill Nature Sanctuary
-Forest Park

Indragiri Hulu Regency
Its tourism objects are:

National parks of the Hill Thirty: located along East cross street bordering the province of Jambi.

-Lake King, A natural lake is located within the town of Rengat, are a popular recreation and leisure for the residents of the city because of its beautiful and exciting.

-Waterfall: this waterfall is in some areas a portion of the River located in the village of charcoal, Pontianai, Pejangki, Sanglep, Rantau Langsat, and Tualang Lakat.

-Goa: Goa is situated in the village of son of a Gutter in pampang river cave known as the River, Keruh River, and Kandi.

-Upper Lake

-Lake Menduyan

River Falls-Charcoal

-Pontianai Waterfall

-Pejangki Waterfall

-Nunusan Waterfall

-Water Terjuan Gibbon

-A Presumptuous Hill Waterfall

-Goa River Kandi

Indragiri Hilir Regency

Sights are:

Solop beaches: one of the attractive beaches located at Tembilahan cruise lines-the island of Batam. Have a stretch of beach and soft white sand and shells brought by current waves of kepinggiran beach.

-Flowering Hill: located in the southern part of the village of Batu Ampar, Kemuning. Along the Hill tumbuhi in Flowering variegated flowers that cover the hill with a variety of colors and scents.

-Deer: Tembuluh Waterfall is located in the North of the village of Batu Ampar. The water flow of the river really toned and qualify for a raft of activities for nature lovers.

Taga-Lake King Guntung: Lake is located about 4 Km from the town of Guntung.

-Barnacle Beach: this beach has white sand and this site will be developed as the sea water/bebasis tour where visitors can enjoy a variety of leisure, entertainment and water sports.

The high Flame length: Visitors can see a group of islands that became part of the town in the province of Riau Islands.

-Bird Island

Sesai Beaches

The High Flame Length

-Goa Long Fire

-Bukit Sari Sari Segunung and Bukit Intan


Rokan Hulu

Sights are:

-Waterfall Aek Martua: located in the Highlands of barisan rangkain, crystal clean water and all natural greenery gives a unique tantalizing beauty at this tourist destination.

-Protected forest Hills Suligi: places of interest is located between the subdistricts of Tandun and Rokan IV Koto about 135 of the provincial capital of Pekanbaru.

-Goa Eyes Gods: this cave is located in the village of Pawan Rambah Subdistrict. The cave Has two entrances which then overlap into the inner 10 m.

-Pawan hot spring: located in the village of Pawan, Kecamatan Rambah

Rokan Hilir

Sights are:

-City of Bagan Siapi-api: in ancient times known as the Granary of the fish Because it is the largest fish-producing City in the world.

-Bono: an event of extraordinary natural stretch of Rokan river flow into the estuary.

Jemur Islands: Jemur island is located approximately 45 km from the capital of Bagan Siapi-api.

Tilan Islands: in the separate island of Rokan River by Tilan dealing with village of Rantau Bais.

-Lake Napangga

Siak Regency

Sights are:

Memparu Rivers

Siak River in tours and river Memparu


Forest Park-Sultan Syarif Qasim in Minas

-Big Island Lake Emerald

-Dragon Lake

Giam Siak Nature Reserve-Small

The Big Island Lake Nature Reserve

Regency Kuantan Singingi

Sights are:

-Seven-Level Waterfall Stem Koban In Bottom Of Jambi.

-Forest Hills Batabuh also has a waterfall seven levels.

-Adventures in Coliak Hill at the mouth of the ox.

-Panorama Hills Cokiak

-Lake Kari Koto

Serik River Lakes

Teso-dam in Benai

-Natural Hot Springs

-Lake Kobun Nopi

Some of the description of the location of the Destination attractions in Pekanbaru Riau

Riau Fantasy

Riau fantasy is the largest and most complete recreational park in Sumatra. Sights, also known as Labersa Water and Theme Park has an area of approximately 6.5 acres. As the name implies, attractions in Pekanbaru is divided into wet and dry rides rides.

Riau Fantasy is located in the Labersa or seitar 45 minutes from downtown Soweto. To be able to enjoy the rides rides there, you have to pay a 60,000 Rupiah on Monday – Friday and 70,000 Rupiah on Saturday – Sunday.

Nature Recreation Park Mayang

Here, there are three ponds fishing rods that can be used to satisfy your fishing craze. Not uncommon sights in Soweto was the location of the match fishing, held the local government. In addition to the fishing, you could try the flying fox and other outbound activities. For a more relaxing activities, there is a water bike and a giant water balls that you can rent.

Nature recreation park is open every day at Mayang starting at 08:00 to 18:00 with the price of admission 20,000 Rupiah per person.

Sari Valley Artificial Lake

The Lake is located in the village of Limbungan which is 10 km away from the center of the city of Pekanbaru. At first, this lake is an irrigation dam which is used to drain water to the paddy fields of local people. Until then, an artificial dam was one of the attractions in Pekanbaru.

The Zoo The Kulim

The Zoo with an area of 10 acres to become tourist attractions in Soweto who visited the family on weekends. The Zoo The Kulim has many animals that can be introduced to children ranging from monkeys, birds, snakes, hedgehog and much more.

The Kulim Zoo can be reached within 30 minutes from the center of the city of Pekanbaru. To enter, you are required to pay a 20,000 Rupiah to 10,000 Rupiah and adult visitors to the visitors of the children.

Istana Siak Sri Indrapura
The Palace was built in 1889 by Sultan Syarif Hasyim Abdul Jalil Arun. The main building of European style of architecture adopted, Arabs and Malays. This two-story place looks magnificent though it has more than 100 years. On the first floor, you can see a collection of kingdoms such as the bronze statue of Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands and the Sultan Syarif Hasyim I made from gravestones decorated with diamonds. There is also a drum that are over 200 years old. This was the last time the drums sounded in 1914 when the inaugural Sultan Syarif Kasim II.

Senapelan Mosque
One more remains the Sultanate of Siak at Pekanbaru. The mosque is also known as the Soweto Mosque was built in 1762 and is one of the oldest mosque in Riau. At the beginning of this mosque is built, are small and made of wood. Currently, you can view it as a magnificent mosque dominated by yellow color typical of Malays and the large domed. Once renovated, the size of the mosque currently reach 60 x 80 meters.

The Great Mosque Of An Nur
This magnificent mosque combines architectural styles of the Malays, Arabs, Turkey and India. The great mosque of An Nur called as Taj Mahal his Soweto. The main building, measuring 50 x 50 metres symmetrically with a large pool and a fountain right in front of it to make it similar to the Taj Mahal in India.

The mosque consists of 3 floors with a predominance of green color holds as many as 4,500 people worshipers. The great mosque of An Nur has five domes and four minarets. At night, the mosque looks very beautiful with the colorful lights that light bounces off in kolamnya. Of particular interest is the existence of facilities free WiFi here.

Library Soeman H. S
This library building is a very unique look from the outside. Its shape resembles that of a base board or rehal to read Al Quran. Library Soeman H. S terdiridari six floors and has a variety of facilities ranging from a small mosque, cafes, cafeteria, meeting room to the auditorium. There is also a special room for the literature of the Malay culture. This library is called the Malay literature collection has the finest in Indonesia.

Library Soeman the H. S is located at Jalan Sudirman 462, Soweto. You do not have to pay to get into tourist attractions in Pekanbaru. The library is open every Monday-Friday at 08:00 – 17:00 and Saturday – Sunday at 09:00 – 14:00.


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