Livestock Prices the Year 2018, Limousin and Simmental Type

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The price of beef cattle type of Limousin and Simmental Animals on the market ahead of the year 2018 In Indonesia

Entering the year 2018, beef cattle prices tend to be volatile. Prices rose only looks at the calf. While the price of beef ready cut remains stable.
Calf prices currently range between 8 million to 12 million rupiahs per head. The prices for this type of bull calf, a female calf while the price could be cheaper 3 million to 4 million rupiahs than the males.

The price of beef simmental and limousin prepared fattened hover between 15 million to 18 million rupiahs per head.

The price of beef cattle ready cut ranged from 18 million to 25 million per head. There's also that cost up to 30 million per head, depending on the weight and quality beef cattle.

For the price of beef cattle PO a bit cheaper. The price of beef cattle animal market can PO difference about 1 million compared with limousin beef cattle.
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How does cattle carcass price developments in Slaughterhouse?

Prices of carcass in slaughterhouse animals is still stable. Price per kg for carcass beef cattle ranges between Rp 85 thousand rupiahs to 87 thousand rupiahs.

Beef prices in the traditional market is still stable range between 100 thousand rupiahs to 110 thousand rupiahs.


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