List of PPC Advertising is Safe and Can be Combined in one Blog with Adsense

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Is There Any PPC Advertising Alternatives That Can Be Installed In One Blog With Google Adsense?

It turns out that there are several types of PPC ads that can be combined and installed together with google adsense in a one page blog. Adnow, MGID and Payclick.com is one of the ppc ads that could be merged with adsense. Previously there has been also a PPC ads aired with Secure IE adsense Chitika.

Many new bloggers asking if google adsense can be combined with other types of ppc ads in one blog? Because the info circulating if merge or put up with adsense ads with other types of ppc advertising adsense would be banned in the US.

Indeed in the rules that are in support of google, adsense ads must not be closed or installed together with other ppc ads that have the characteristics of a model exactly the same ppc advertising with adsense but it is different if the different advertising model with adsense although still equally ppc can be installed with adsense in one blog.

Some kind of ppc advertising that is declared safe if installed together with google adsense in a single blog, among others:
  • Adnow (www.adnow.com)
  • MGID (www.mgid.com)
  • Payclick (www.payclick.com)
  • Chitika (www.chitika.com)
That's 4 types of ads tested secure juxtaposed with google adsense though equally sized display ad advertising ppc but not exactly the same with adsense (different) so if installed with adsense does not violate google adsense TOS.

Other ppc advertising sometimes it is necessary to supplement the income from the blog lately, because it turns out that the value per click from adsense ads tend to decrease so that so that the optimum in generating more blog dollars need to be installed on other ppc ads that is not contrary to the rules of adsense.

For this type of ppc ads more than 4 above the author hasn't gotten a valid reference about safety if installed together with adsense pageviews in one blog. So should before installing the ppc advertising alternatives, meticulous first TOS from the ads in question are safe if juxtaposed with ppc adsense.

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