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Principle of How to Work Motor Machine 2 stroke or 2 Step

In principle a 2-stroke fuel engine (2 stroke) performs the Otto cycle in just two piston steps or one crankshaft round. The invention of a successful 2-combustion motor by Sir Dougald Clerk in 1876. (Anonymous.2008).

If the 4-stroke engine does not require 2 revolutions of the crankshaft in one cycle, then for a 2-stroke engine it only takes one turn. This means that in one working cycle 2 not only consists of 1 upward movement and 1 down movement of the piston only. The design of the 2nd engine combustion chamber does not allow such a thing to happen. As the piston rises towards the TMA to compress the suction valve opens and enters the fuel and air mixture, so that in one piston motion from TMB to TMA runs two steps at once ie compression and suction. At the moment just before the piston reaches the TMA the spark plug is on, the mixed gas explodes and forces the piston back to move downwards toward the TMB. This piston movement is called the expansion step. But while the piston performs the expansion step or effort, actually also do step throw through the exhaust valve (right side of the cylinder wall in the picture). This can happen because the combustion gas is pushed out due to a mixture of fuel and new air that also enters from the left side of the cylinder wall.

More details on the system on the motor 2 can not be seen in the picture below:

Step In (Intake). The mixture of fuel and air is sucked into the crank house due to the vacuum pressure that occurs when the piston moves upward.

Step of Transfer (Exhaust). As it approaches the position of the lower dead point, the inlet is open and the fuel mixture and air enter the cylinder. At the same time the entry of the fuel and air mixture forces the residue of combustion out through the outlet in the opposite side of the inclusion pit.

Step Press (Compression). Next the piston moves upward and presses the fuel and air mixture. (at the same time a next step goes in at the bottom of the piston).

Step Power (Power). At a short time the position of the dead point above the spark plug will light up and burn the fuel and air mixture so that an explosion that pushes the piston down. Engine 2 does not have to use side lubricant oil in addition to the engine lubricant is clear, because the working model like this makes the power generated greater than.

Comparison on the machine 4 not in 2 times round crankcase = 1 x work while for 2 times 2 revolutions crankcase = 2 x work. Because it requires more lubricant, because the resulting round faster. It also answers why the 2nd engine no more noisy, wasteful of fuel, produce white smoke from the exhaust, but superior in speed compared to 4 stroke engine. The term "No Engine is Perfect!" Another difference is also found in the physical form of the piston.

Piston 2 is no longer than a 4 stroke piston. In addition to the piston head shape is also different, piston 2 does not have a kind of dome to smooth the exhaust gas to get out while 4 no no. The 2-stroke piston also has a slot hole associated with the reed valve that is related to the way the fuel-air mixture works into the combustion chamber.


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