Improving The Immune System Of Your Body By Drinking These Supplements

Types of Supplements to increase durability and immunity of the body

Average imunomodulator products contain: Echinacea, meniran (Phyllanthus nurii L), zinc, vitamin C, and some manufacturers add vit B, selenium, black elderberry, and mushrooms. In fact already known the above components have properties that can boost the immune system.


Is a prima donna in boosting the immune system. Echinacea itself acts to modulate the immune system of the body, inhibits the enzyme hyaluronidase, which functions to prevent the spread of infection, inhibited the enzyme siklooksigenase and lipooksigenase as a bitter taste, and activate fibroblasts which one of its functions is to accelerate wound healing.


This plant is typical of Indonesia. It is, among other things, the flavonoid quercetin, astragalin, isoquercetrin, qeurcetrin and routine. DEXA Medica is a manufacturer who raised this plant to be a bio-pharmacy.

Here's a sample of the product description.


Composition: extract of keringPhyllanthus nurii l.
Indications: imunomodulator, supporting therapy on the infection of bacteria and viruses. Adult dose 3 times a day, can be given up to 30 days or more. There are 2 forms of preparations namely capsules and syrup.


This is the product of Chemical Farma, combines the meniran, Echinace, and morinda (pace). More complete again with the addition of a vitamin B complex. Available in the form of caplets in green are included in the contents of the bottle 30 caplets.

Each caplets contain:
Conc Herba Echinaceae. Extract 150 mg
Conc. Morindae Fructus Juice............. 50 mg
Conc. Phyllanthi Myrrh Extract ... ... .... 100 mg
Vitamin B1 ... ... ... 10 mg
Vitamins ... ... ... ... ... .... 5 mg
Vitamin E ... ... .... 5 mg

Imboost/imboost force

Imboost is a product of SOHO, is available in two dosage form, i.e. tablets and syrup. Each tablet contains Echinacea purpurea250 mg, zinc picolinate 10 mg. While the syrup each ml of Echinacea contains 250 mg, zinc 5 mg. Other variants namely Imboost force composition is equal to imboost, but there is an additional one that is black elderberry 400 mg in the form of sediaannya capsules and syrup.

Indications: supportive therapy to stimulate the immune system against infections of acute, chronic, or recurrent respiratory tract infections and especially the genitalia such as candidiasis and vaginitis.

Which is better, Echinacea or meniran?

Both good, but need to dinggat that the material should not be Echinace/supplements for pregnant women (the library ekinase must not be for pregnant women). At the conclusion of the written part:

In conclusion it should be stressed that pharmaceuticals containing Echinacea purpurea may influence fetal angiogenesis in experimental murine model and without further studies should not be recommended for pregnant women.

What about the price?

Indeed it could be said that drugs are expensive. Stimuno price is Rp 22,000 per 10 capsules. While imbost Rp 35,000 per 10 tablets. While Fituno Rp 60,000 per 30 caplets. When the calculated price of around Usd 2000-3000/tab.

In fact there are pros and cons associated immunostimulant. Dr. Iwan in his website says Imboost and the like is actually not a cure and not effect conferring.

Even from a paper in the journal there is controversy related kefektifan Echinacea against the immune system. But maybe the explanation Imboost and the like could work on improving imunoglobulin (antibodies) in the condition of the body that are not so severe. At the moment the conditions are drop, can be triggered the formation of imunoglobulin. But if you've been sick, sore e.g DB (dengue fever), these drugs did not effect conferring. Hopefully can answer confusion of readers.

Some products from other manufacturers, including the following:

1. Biofos (Meprofarm): Echinaceae extract 250 mg, kurkuminoid 2 mg, 300 mg oligosakarida fructo, taurine 100 mg, meniran and extract 25 mg. Which is also able to increase appetite. The form of the syrup suspension, Rp 30,000/60 ml.

2. Divens (Dexa Medica), composition is the same as Stimuno but in the form of syrup 100 ml at 19,500.

3. Eftian (Pharos), contains Echinacea 500 mg, 5 mg, zinc and selenium 15 mcg (microgram). The form of a syrup with a price of Rp 33,000/60 ml.

4. Elanos (Kalbe), the contents of black elderberry extract 400 mg, vitamin C 100 mg, 250 mg, and echinaceae zink 5 mg. There is also the Elanos kids in the form of a syrup flavor of the wine.

5. Hemaviton echinaceae plus (Tempo Scan Pacific): Echinacea extract 150 mg, vitamin C 500 mg, extract of ginseng, royal jelly 20 mg 2 mg, zinc 10 mg, beta-carotene 2500 iu, vitamin B 10 mg.

6. Hepimun (Landson): meniran 300 mg and 100 mg of extract of curcuma.

7. Imudator (Pyridam): polinacea extract 200 mg, zinc 10 mg, meniran 50 mg, extr mushrooms reishi 250 mg extr.

8. Imulan (Soho): meniran extr 50 mg, 300 mg curcuma extr, selenium 20 mcg. Also available in the form of syrup.

9. Norflam (Solas): Echinacea extr and vitamin B complex.

10. Primunox (Solas): Echinacea herb 300 mg, and 50 mg, herba meniran.

11. Proimbus (Meprofarm): Echinacea extr 170 mg, reishi mushroom extr 85mg, ca-15 mg Pantothenic.

12. Proza (Landson): Echinacea 250 mg, vit C 250 mg, zinc 10 mg.

13. Stamino (Tropica Mas Pharma): Echinaceae 250 mg, vit C 60 mg, L-glutamin 500 mg.

14. Starmuno (Kalbe): Polinacea (Echinaceae) 200 mg, 400 mg, black elderberry vit C 100 mg, zinc 5 mg.

15. Tribost (Ethica): Echinaceae500 mg, black elderberry 50 mg, 100 mg of meniran.

Some new products are emerging, namely Starmuno (Kalbe). There is also a burgeoning crazy Sanbe by combining all the ingredients from the manufacturer (Formuno). There is also a Imunos of Lapi that cost too expensive. Hmm ...


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