How to Use the Red Betel Leaves, Black Betel and Green Betel Leaves for Herbal Treatment

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Benefits of Betel Leaf of Different Types. Are There Side Effects Of Betel If Used Excessively?

Black Betel Leaves
Betel leaf black has a similar shape. The leaves tend to be single and pointy. The betel plant color black this unique concentrated from start to root, stem to the leaves. When the leaves are picked and dried, it will not be turned into a Brown like other leaves. Black color remains unchanged.

Allegedly, the benefits of this black betel leaves far above the betel leaf is green or red. Many communities that have proved it. The betel leaf is black it can treat disease malignant breast cancer of some kind. Indeed there has been no further research on this subject. However the trust regarding the efficacy of betel black fixed trusted because many who testified were cured with the use of betel leaves black.

In addition to breast cancer, the leaves of the betel leaves black is also efficacious for those who undergo the wash of blood. Regarding the usefulness of this one, widespread from one mouth to the other's mouth. From scientific study, there has been no assertion are factual about the effect this black leaves the healer. In addition to physical illness, supposedly the Red betel leaves can also heal illnesses that could not be explained medically. The abstruse things of this kind indeed to live in a society which runs Indonesia menujud modernity. Poliklenik (shamanic practice) is the usual thing. One of the remedies they offer are the betel leaves are black.

Red Betel Leaves
The Red betel leaves in the classification system of taxonomy:

The Red Betel Leaves

Kingdom: Plantae

Division: Magnoliophyta

Class: Plant Taxonomy

Order: Piperales

Family: Piperaceae

Genus: Piper

Species: p. ornatum

The Red betel leaves or Piper Ornatum closely related to betel Green is also black. This red betel is not as popular as the betel leaves green but not too black betel collarbone. Pretty much that create them though only as in the courtyard of the House. Just like other types of betel leaves, the Piper Ornatum is also rich in benefits. Why? Certainly because of the content of an important compound in it just like his brother: betel leaves green and black.

The Red betel leaves or Piper Ornatum (sometimes also called Crocatum Piper, but the term is less precise. The truth is Piper Ornatum) is widely found in soil of Sulawesi. It is said that he indeed came from there. Efficacy of plant leaves this one assortment, ranging from an antidote to diabetes mellitus, hepatitis, kidney stones, stroke, inflammation of the eyes, inflammation of the prostate, vaginal discharge, fatigue, gastritis, smooth skin, kekelalah to lower cholesterol. The benefits of this isn't merely a figment of the thumb. Our ancestors demoted him from one generation to the next generation because the real pleased.

Chemical compounds contained in the Red series has the following benefits: flavonoids and polivenol compound acts as an antioxidant, anticancer, antiseptic, antideabetik and antiflamasi. compound alkoloid at the Red betel leaves can also be used as a barrier to the development of some cancer cells.

One study undertaken with a white rat media prove that the Red betel leaves stew obtained in mice that have been hit by diabetes could lower sugar content in the blood of the white mice showed that betel Red can be used as a drug to lower blood sugar content as well as controlling blood sugar content in the body of the penderitadiabetes mellitus in eating regularly. Not only useful as a controller as well as lowering blood sugar content in the body of the Red betel leaves can also be used for treatment of other diseases such as hypertension, inflammation of prostate inflammation, lever, eye inflammation, ulcers, cancer of the white blood, joint pain and can also be used as a guard of stamina.

Not only are the Red betel leaves as a cure also in used by the people of Yogyakarta as a part in the custom events the Palace used as a tool by most beauty Princess – Princess Palace as final skin. the content of karvakol on the Red betel leaves useful as desenfektan, as well as an anti-fungal, to act as mouthwash and medicated vaginal discharge.

the compound eugenol content acts as a pain relief medication or analgetik. the content of tannin acts as a healer of abdominal pain especially diarrhea and can also be used as an antiseptic medication on the wound. the Red betel leaves can also be cultivated due to the economical value of this plant is high 4 – 5 pieces of betel leaf red grab price 7 – 15 thousand dollars.

For example, here we present how to cultivate the Red betel leaves are made into medicine diabetes mellitus: first, take the Red betel leaves, half as many as 7 old sheets. Also add two strands of leaves taken from the peak in the. Wash clean betel leaf is then cut into small. Furthermore, rebuslah along with clean water as much as 3 cups. Wait until the water recedes into 1.5 cups only. Lift up and chill. For tigalah water decoction of yesteryear and drink each at morning, noon and night.

Due to its antiseptic properties, then the Red betel leaves has the best usability is to overcome problems related to bacteria and fungi. Here are some of the benefits and uses of betel leaves, Red:

Tighten the female organs

Most betel leaves used to wash intimate organ of femininity, and usually the women the days used to use it after they give birth. The betel leaf could lead to sex organs be toned back after giving birth, and can cope with genital dryness.

Resolve the smell organ of femininity

For women who have stepped on their thirties, the problem of drought sex organs are already rare. But wet on the organs that often occur and can cause itching and odor. If women experience so, boil a couple of sheets of Red betel leaves and use the water to wipe (wash the sex organs).

Overcoming Vaginal Discharge

The benefits of Red betel leaves are the most common problem is reducing the perceived whiteness, no foul odor, as well as maintain the cleanliness of the organ of femininity. This is because one of the properties of the Red betel leaves antiseptic. How 7-10 sheet, boil the Red betel leaves, then use water to rinse the last organ stew femininity.

Eliminate body odor

Take 2 or 3 pieces of betel leaf, bring to the boil with the 1/2 glass of water, then add sugar to taste. After warm drink this water.

Eliminating bad breath

Take the Red betel leaves are washed clean, then chew, hold a few minutes in the mouth then remove. Do this 2 or 3 times in a day. It could be by way of a boil 5 or 6 pieces of betel leaf with 2 cups of water to a boil. Leave to cool, and use as a gargle every morning and afternoon.

Diabetes drug

In addition as an antiseptic, red betel can also be used to treat diabetes. Drink of water decoction of Red betel leaves per day will lower your blood sugar levels to normal levels.

Inhibits the growth of cancer cells

The Red betel leaves contains compounds alkoloid, which has the same functionality with the compounds of flavonoids and polyphenols. That is also capable of inhibiting the growth of cancer cells in the human body.

Grean Betel Leaves

Efficacy of betel is also a way of processing:

Cough Medicine

To treat this disease, take a sheet of fresh betel leaves as many as 15. Prepare also the 3 cups of clean water. First, wash clean helaian betel leaves boiled water until then left three quarters of the section only. Drink the stew on a regular basis until the cough is gone. Add honey to it that is more palatable.


This disease can be cured with betel leaves. The trick with boiled fresh betel leaf sheet 7. Add to it a piece of rock sugar also 2 glasses of water. Wait until the water boiled shrink to 1 cups only. Divide the boiled water of yesteryear into 3 parts. Drink this concoction regularly each at morning, noon and night until Your illness is gone.

Body Odor

One of the benefits of betel leaf that is widely known to the public is to eliminate body odor. Here's how: with take 5 pieces of fresh betel leaves. Then cooking along with two glasses of water. Wait until the water was reduced to 1 cups only. The potion to drink during the day. To do routine.


If you experience a nosebleed, immediately take the fresh betel leaves. Select young leaves. Squeeze and roll to fit for your use a nose nosebleed clog.


Other benefits of betel leaf is alleviate burns. It's easy, just take a betel leaf to taste. Clean, wash and then mashed. Take water and killings of betel leaves, mix it with honey. Balurkan to Your burns to heal.

Treating Ulcers

Benefits of betel leaf is to treat ulcers. How to take a betel leaf to taste only. Clean and smooth mashed. Balurkan on ulcers. replace two times a day until it boils You lost.

Itchy Eyes/Red Eyes

Take 6 sheets of betel leaf that is still young. Boil together with a glass of clean water. Wait for it to boil. Lift up and chill. Use to wash your eyes regularly, three times a day.

Skin itching

The trick, take the leaves sairih as many as 20 sheets. Boiled along with 3 cups of water. After boiling, lift and wait until the water warm up lukewarm. Use warm water to wash Your koreng.

Stop Bleeding Gums

The trick with the boiling of betel leaf (4 sheets) along with 2 glasses of water. Next, use the water for gargling.

Canker sores

To treat this disease, take 2 pieces of fresh betel leaves. Clean and wash directly chewable multiple times. Waste dregs after completion.

Banish Bad Breath

Take 4 pieces of betel leaf. Clean, wash and then squeeze-gold. Cook together with hot water and wear gargle. To do routine.

Expel Recalcitrant Acne

Benefits of betel leaves, this one is already known to many people. Here's how by taking 10 pieces of betel leaf. Wash it clean then mashed smooth. Cook with hot water as much as 2 cups. Furthermore, water balurkan mixture to your face. to do routine at least 2 times a day.

Vaginal discharge

To resolve this issue, take the 10 pieces of betel leaf. Then wash in clean water and boil as much as 2.5 litres. After boiling, lift up and chill. Use of water decoction of yesteryear to clean your vagina.


One of the benefits of the betel leaves are rarely known to the people is improved reducing the amount of breast milk. Do I take a betel leaf to taste and brush with coconut oil. Heat by wearing the fire until leaves become wilted. The leaves are then pinned on the breast in warm State.

Side Effects And Dangers Of Betel Leaves If Used In Excess

Betel leaves are relatively safe if used reasonably and not excessive

Betel leaf have myriad benefits for human health. Among other benefits to treat acne, diabetes, nosebleeds, thrush, eczema, ulcers, vaginal discharge, menstrual less smoothly and much more. Range of benefits the betel leaf is indeed sourced on compounds in it. These compounds have a good effect on the body, be it if used as a drug or drugs in outside. As a medicinal herb, the betel leaf is indeed worth considering. But you must be vigilant, though are natural, not to say side effects of betel leaf is not stalking you.

Compounds that are present in the betel leaf is indeed good for the body and helps us menanggukangi some disruption. However, you should still be careful. For if not, rather than cure, you even get side effects of betel leaf. What side effects does it mean? Please refer to the following description:

First, treatment with the use of betel leaf to treat disease in fact ought to be wary. Because if not careful, you instead add a new problem. For instance only water decoction of betel leaf that you drink to keep out diseases. As is known, the anti-bacterial properties of betel leaf is strong enough. When You drink it, the possibility of not only the bad bacteria in the stomach that is destroyed but also the good bacteria. It is certainly detrimental. What's good bacteria in the body has an important role.

Second, treatment with betel leaf is also used on the outside of the body. This passing are not at risk. But wait, the side effects of betel leaf, too, can you feel while not consumed. Examples of fact in women who overuse of water decoction of betel leaves as a natural cleanser organ of femininity.

Indeed clean the area miss V by wearing water decoction of betel leaf is good enough to quell odor-causing bacteria and whitish. But if it is used too often would invite white turning on you. More healthy if you don't use the decoction of water every day. Use of water also is enough. If you are experiencing complaints such as odor and vaginal discharge, use of water decoction of betel leaves no more 3 days in a week.


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