How To Sharpen The Saws Correctly For Longer Hold

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The Difference of Sawsaws and Cutting Saws, How Is The Right Way Sharpening These Two Kinds Of Saws?

Can a chainsaw be used for splitting and a chainsaw used to cut?

Chainsaw Standards Shop. New chainsaws (from stores) generally have a standard type of gait racket like a chainsaw type, while sharpness is shaped like a chainsaw.

Basically any saw (saw or cut) can be used for cutting or splitting wood, but the result will be different.

Example: cut saws, if to split a long wood will result in a non-straight cleavage, and saws, if to cut will reduce the size of the length, for example you will cut woods 100 cm long into 5 parts. then each piece of wood is no longer 20 cm, or in other words if the pieces are reunited then the length will be reduced 0.5 to 1 cm. even if you do the job well (straight), but if the cut is not straight then the length of wood will decrease more. so your calculations will always miss.

The cause of the missed calculation is because "Sawsaw" has a wider gear and multiple sharpness. while the cutting saw has a more slender teeth and the sharpness of one-sided serrations to the fore and one side back only. Meanwhile the new Chainsaw (from the shop) has a standard type of gait racket like a chainsaw type, while the sharpness is shaped like a saw.

How to sharpen the Saw:

If you want to tackle is a new saw (saw is still long, just since bought has never been sharpened). So before starting to sharpen you have to make a decision first, whether to be formed into chainsaws, saws, or standard saws.

Weakness of standard type saws, if it is for splitting or cutting wood frequently When saws have already entered into the wood, pushed forward can not be pulled back too hard (pinched). But if you still will hone with the standard type, just follow the form as it is.

Put a saw on a wooden pad while stepping on the rectangle.

Grasp the handset of the Mind with the right hand while the tip of the stingy with the left hand. swipe regularly towards the front after the base of the rescue file, then reset 2 or 3 times. do not take the backward sting. If you want to change into a chainsaw shape, before you grind with a miser, first unfold the saw saws to suit the sharp edges of the teeth. Wide range of serration between 0.2mm to 0.3mm.

How to scrape a miser (sharpening) the same as in standard saw form.

And for the cut saw shape, the serration range is not more than 0.2mm. with the thoughts of each one of the right-handed teeth on the front only, and the left side to the back or vice versa.


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