How to put the Facebook Like Box Widget on your Blog

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Facebook Like Box, How To Put It On The Blog Quickly?

One marker of the popularity of a blog can be seen from the large number like that provided by readers. Like the reader connected to facebook with the number of thousands of marks that are quite popular blog at medsos. Well how to blog can have like a lot of the facebook account? Surely you must install first Facebook Like Box widget on your blog, here's how!

How to install Facebook Like Box on your Blog with just an easy step. Follow these steps to install the Like Box on the blog.

How To Make A Facebook Like Box

First login to your Facebook account
Click on this link == > Facebook Developers
The page that appears will be like this, and on the Facebook Page URL, you enter the URL of your blog's Facebook page.

Facebook like box

And for all you can adjust according to your wishes. I prefer to use the settings as shown above.
Once you have the setting, click Get Code and you will get 2 codes as shown below.

facebook like box script

Description: First and second code, placement is different.

How To Put The Code?

1. sign in to Blogger >Template

blogger template

2. Backup Your template if necessary

3. click on Edit HTML

4. Search <body> code, use the search feature (Ctrl + F) to simplify the search

5. Enter the first code just below the code <body>

Facebook fan page

6. then Save your template

7. now go into Layout

blogger layouts

8. Click Add a Gadget > select HTML/JavaScript


9. Enter the code a second there and then click Save. And put in place the way you want with drag and drop.

10. Done.

(Source: article http://d-genera.blogspot.com/)


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