How To Make Slime Fragrant With Gom

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Want to make Slime in a fast and Smells Fragrant? This Is How!
How To Make Slime in A Minute and Smell Fragrant?
How To Make Slime Fragrant With Gom

Slime. A toy called Slime is now indeed was popular and became the favorite toys of the children. Many ways to make slime and one of them is with a gom or natriumtetraborat. Want to know how to make slime with the Gom and also fragrant smells? Follow the steps below:

Ingredients to make Slime Fragrant

1. One bottle of Gom/natriumtetraborat

2. One bottle of liquid glue

3. Liquid SOAP sparingly

4. Containers to make slime

5. Stir

How To Make Slime Fragrant

1. pour the liquid glue in a container that has been prepared

2. Pour a few drops of Gom

3. Pour 2-3 drops of liquid soap as deodorizers slime

4, stirring constantly until the slime looks lumpy

5. Despite Occasional slime starts to clot but still sticky hands, how to deal with it is to squirt again gom 1 to 2 drops then the slime will not sticky anymore.

6. If the slime is not sticky and chewy start then the slime is ready to be played

7. In order to make more beautiful could also be given appropriate dyes (red, yellow, green, etc.), dye is given when the slime yet lumpy or stirring.

So easy and quick way to make slime that have fragrant smell, good luck.


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