How To Install Your Own Wallpaper Properly

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Want to Change Your Wall Wall Paint With Wallpaper Fitted? How to correctly install wallpaper on the wall of the house?

Install wallpaper on the wall is one alternative to beautify the interior of our house. Usually we can buy wallpaper as well with installation, if this is you do of course there is no problem with the wall wallpaper installation.

What if you have to install your own wallpaper? To be able to install wallpaper wall correctly please see step and how to install wallpaper on wall of your house below:

In summary, Wallpaper Wallpaper Steps

Measuring Wall and Wallpaper

After all materials and tools are ready, you can start the work is by the initial stage measure the area of ​​wall that will be fitted wallpaper. The width and length of your wall with the meter. After that note the size so as not to forget.

Once you get the size on the wall, now you can measure the wallpaper to fit the wall to be installed wallpaper. Mark and length and width required, then cut the wallpaper with scissors or cutter.

Clip Wallpaper

Once you measure and cut the wallpaper, you can already start applying glue on the body of the wallpaper. You can buy wallpaper glue on tokio selling wallpaper you buy. Apply glue throughout the wallpaper evenly.

Install Wallpaper

The final step is the installation of wallpaper, at the time of installation you have to ask for help to friends or family because at the time of installation sometimes tribal wallpaper rolled when lifted. So ask for help to install wallpaper straight, neat, and flat.

For More Details and More Clear How To Install Wallpapers As Below:

Tools needed before and during wallpaper installation:

Plastic Alum
Yarns and Weights
Bak / Ember Mixing Glue 2 pieces (1 large and 1 small)
Glue Brush
Putty knife
Mica / Acrylic
Wall Wallpapers to Install

Wall Wallpaper Installation Steps:

  • Before installing Wall Wallpapers, it's good to do an investigation of the Wall to be installed. Is there a leak? or water seepage? If YES, then you must first tidy up the leak. You can use anti-leak paint like Aquaproof or other brands to coat your wall before it is pasted Wallpapers. Because Wallpapers will not last long if the Wall is fogged and leaking. The second is the Mushroom Wall. If the Wall will be fitted Mushrooms, you must do anti-fungal painting first. To prevent the fungus from spreading on Wall Wallpapers.
  • The third step is to prepare the Wallpaper Glue .. Take the first Big Tub / Bucket .. Fill it with enough Water depending on how many Rolls are installed .. You may try it 3-5 liters first .. (Do not use HOT WATER) .. Sprinkle Lem powder slowly with water conditions that are being stirred quickly. After feeling more thick and heavy. Let stand for approximately 10 minutes.
  • Take a second Bak / Bucket smaller, then fill with enough water. Sprinkle Lem powder and make Glue thicker than the previous one. This highly viscous glue will be used on the sides of the walls and on the joints. To be more durable and durable.
  • Once the Wall is Ready installed, All you have to do is measure the Wall Sock to be installed Wallpaper. No need to bother. Simply by counting the width of the X height of the Field to be installed, Then Adjust with Wall Wallpaper Width To be paired. Wallpaper Wall width The standard size wall is 0.5 meters. So if your Wall Width is 5 meters (for example). Means you will need 10 paths for Wallpapers.
  • You can now open Wall Wallpapers you just purchased. Cut Your Wall High. Do not forget to add 5 - 10 cm .. Suppose your wall height is 3 meters. Then you will cut it 3.1meter (This is done to make it easier for you and wallpaper wall is not hanging .. This excess can later you cut it neatly with a cutter.
  • When You Cut Wallpaper Wallpaper Patterned, For 2nd and 3rd Pieces, you must first match the motive. Usually given a description (repeat after 13cm) .. Means you have to cut on the path diper2kan ke2 13cm so that the first track motif and the next line fits as expected. Neither is the 2nd lane on the 3rd and 3rd lane to the 4th lane and so on.
  • Use the Weighted Yarn to Signify the Wallpaper Path Position to be upright and neat when mounted. Mark with Pencil any path of the wallpaper you created. This is done to keep the Wallpaper upright in its position at the time of installation. Because if on the first line your pair tilted, then the path to 2, to 3 and so it will be slanted to follow the previous track.
  • After All is Ready, Take Glue Wallpaper On the first bucket you created it must have been much more viscous and perfect. Put the Plastic Bottom under the Wallpaper that you Cut2 .. Use Roller and Smooth the Glue Wallpaper with Wallpaper to be pasted .. Do this Stage slowly until the Wallpaper Glue soaked on the Wallpaper that you will paste on the wall.
  • Paste Wallpaper On Wall. Do not forget to follow the Alerts you previously made with Pencil Paste Wallpaper Slowly while flattening it using Mika. If you do not have Mica, you can use Acrylic. Same thing, the point is just to flatten Wallpaper at the time of installation.
  • Take Glue Wallpaper On the second bucket .. Which is more viscous. Apply this Heavy Glue to the Wallpaper Connection .. Flatten the Left and Right sides until the connection is closed and not visible.
  • Checking and Wiping Time Glue Wallpapers Check the Connection and Corner Wall, Make sure everything is neat and follow the path. If it is, Take Sponge / Foam, Wipe it with water then Wipe the entire surface of Wall Wallpaper and clean up do not get any wallpaper glue that dries on the surface wallpaper wall.
So the steps how to install your own wallpaper on the walls of your home to beautify the interior of the house, may be useful.


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