How to Index New Articles Can go to Google and Bing Quickly

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How is the fastest way to order for your latest Article Immediately Indexed by Google and Bing?

One of the desires of a blogger after weary writing articles is the latest article is complete he wrote immediately get many visits from readers. For the article on large sites that are already well known might it not be a problem because its customers are many and the site has become subscription appear in google search (SEO) page first so be sure Once uploaded would already be a lot of visitors.

How about a new blog or site in order that the article be immediately indexed google and bing though it is not the first page? SEO or search engine indeed sorely needed to capture as many site visitors. Imagine if your articles have always been subscribed the first google search page and always sign in 5 large web then you will immediately become popular web which will certainly be very yield if dimonetisasi with ads or otherwise.
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How is the easiest way to let the latest articles indexed immediately google and bing. The fastest way is by registering the URL of your latest article on google and bing. This is the fastest way though google and bing does not guarantee 100% articles will soon be indexed but the way the article you've actually listed on bing and google.

If you're lucky, not to 1 hour of your articles already appear in the search engines when you enter keywords that match the most recent articles that you create.

How to register a URL the latest articles on Google and Bing

It's easy, you can simply log onto the website of bing and google, so fast please just click the address below:

After you sign in to google or bing just enter the url of your latest article on a column that has been provided and do not forget content also verify if you are not a robot, next click submit and you're done. Please try and hopefully useful to bring as many visitors to your blog.


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