How To Calculate Roof Cover Requirements (Specific Roof)

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How Much Number Of Roofs Required For Home Roof Installation With Specific Size?

There is an easy and quick way to calculate the tile your home needs:

1. From the Roof Area

For example, suppose the roof area of ​​your house is 10 m x 9 m = 90 m2. Dengen two sides of the roof then the total area of ​​your roof to 180 m2. If you use the type of tile frog / plentong for 1 m2 containing 25 pieces so that the required amount of tile as much as 180 m2 x 25 = 4,500 pieces. Expand when ordering to anticipate in case of leakage in the future.

2. From the length and width of the foundation

For example, house length = 9 m and width 6 m. Add 1 m for the length and width so that the area becomes = 10 x 7 = 70 m2. Then the amount of area is multiplied by 35 so that the required tile amount is at least 70 m2 x 35 = 2,450 pieces. Do not forget the terrace. If the width of the terrace is 5 x 4 m = 20 m-> 20 x 35 = 700 pieces so that the minimum tile required 3.150 m2. Expand when ordering for supplies and anticipate in case of a leak in the future.

If you want to use a super tile type with a coverage of 25 m2 as an example of your home area 10 x 9 m2 = 90 m2 means we live multiply the amount of house with the power of the tile we want 180 x 25 = 4,500 pieces
For Other Tiles such as jumbo tile and flat tile or tile shingle Stay Customize and Read Specifications on the tile you want

If your home is a pyramid the first way is the closest count and for more details you can see the calculations below:

Figure 1.1 Lime house design (in m) *

The formula is:

Number of Needs = Area of ​​Roof Area x Tile Coefficient Against Field

for example: The sloping roof area to be covered with a tile has a side length of oblique of 10 m, width of 10 m plane, then 2 sides of roof incline total length to 10 mx 2 = 20. Roof used eg ex.Roman Kanmuri tile, coefficient 14 fruit / meter2.

How much does it need ..?

Number of tiles = Average 14 pcs for 1 meter

2 x (10m x 10 m) x 14 pce / m tile

2 x (100 m) x 14 pce / m tile

So 200 m x 14 pce / m tile = 2800 pce tile.


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