How To Calculate Brick Requirement Per Square Meter For Wall

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The brick for wall mounting has a specific size so that with this size we can calculate how many bricks in each square meter of the wall we build.

Counting the bricks needed to build walls and walls of the house is important so that when buying bricks can fit alias not excessive or even shortcomings. How to calculate the needs of bricks per square meter is a lot of variety but most importantly must be known exactly how long the size of the brick and also the thickness of the bricks to be used.

The following article will describe easily and explicitly how many bricks need to build walls per square meter, info taken from various sources please be listened to.

How Many Red Bricks Need Per Square Meter For Brick Wall Wall Fitting? 

Counting the brick needs a square brick permeter brick is easy. Indeed there is already a special formula that we can directly use to calculate the needs of red bricks in the installation of 1 meter square wall. But to note is the Red Brick Size (length, width, and height) is not the same for each city in Indonesia. This is because the production of bricks themselves are made different, according to the customs of each region. Even within the same area, there are many different sizes of Brick Volume (length, width, and height). Of course this makes the Total Brick Numbers in 1 m2 to be different too.

How to Calculate the Number of Bricks in 1 m2 Brick Wall Installation There Are Miscellaneous Between Other:By Trial Way in the FieldPerform the installation of bricks in advance at a predetermined location, with Mortar Spesi made standard thickness, by Workers (masons)
Installation of bricks are made into a regular shape, such as rectangles, for easy to be Measured Area (Length and High) later,
Installation of the bricks try as wide as possible, for example, target approximately 10 m2.
After installation Brick finish, do Detailed Measurement of Brick Wall Width earlier, for example obtained Spread Couple Width = 11.37 m2.
Then do a detailed Manual Calculation of the Number of Bricks installed (an area of ​​11.37 m2), for example, the figure is 716 bh.
Now we can do the calculations, namely: Number of bricks Per-meter Square = 716 bh: 11.37 m2 = 63 bh / m2

By How To Use Customized Formulas With Brick Size To Use

That is the way of Measurement of "Length and Height" Bricks first, for example the value obtained Length = 21 cm, Height = 4.5 cm.
Adding Mortar Spesi thickness to "Top Side of Brick Length" and "Side Side of Bricks", for example the addition of Mortar Spesi is 2 cm.
There is an Efficiency value of 1 brick which has been coated Spesi Mortar (on both sides), Length becomes = 23 cm, Height becomes = 6.5 cm.Now we can do the calculation, namely:Area Efficiency 1 piece Brick + Mortar = 0.23 m x 0.065 m (unit changed in Meter)= 0.01495 m2 - Means, Number of Bricks Per-meters Square = 1 m2: 0.01495 m2= 67 bh / m2There is one more factor that is most decisive in Counting the Number of Needs This brick, the "Thickness of Mortar Spesi". The thickness of the Mortar Spesi can vary greatly if the Brick wall installation is done for the wall to be plastered, since there is no necessity of the thickness to be exact (uniform). Unlike if the Brick Wall is designed for the Expose, of course this Mortar Spesi thick should be made exactly the same thick, to make it look nice and neat. Usually the brick wall that will be exposed should use Klinker Bricks are more Precise and Neat. Hopefully the article how to calculate the need for red bricks per square meter for brick wall installation can be useful.

Red Brick. Red brick is made from the process of burning clay that has been previously printed. Weighing an average of 3 kg. This type of brick usually uses mortar mixture of cement and sand. The advantage is that the price is cheap, more known so that many people know how to install it, not easy to crack, and cold. Unfortunately, this brick requires a high cost and longer installation time. The red brick is also heavy so it will burden the structure beneath it. Difficult installation with a neat, red brick need a thicker plastering layer. Because it has an exotic color and impressed natural vintage, many red bricks are also formed as a brick paste, so as to impress like exposed brick walls. This brick is more expensive because it is made with coloring and special coating.

How to Choose a Good Brick

Should buy bricks from 1 seller. Buying bricks from some sellers is often found bricks that are not the same size. Although both can still be used, will cause the surface of the wall is less tidy.
Before buying it should first check the physical condition of bricks to be purchased, not just by phone.
A good brick should have a uniform size, not a small size. It would be better if you can get a brick with a larger size. Because this means it will save the use of building materials.

A good brick usually has a relatively smooth surface. This indicates that the soil used is a good clay, and signifies not mixed with other materials. (Currently brick makers sometimes mix clay raw materials with chaff, coal ash, sand or dirt). Smooth and flat surface bricks also indicate better combustion process (flat).

The color of a good brick is dark red. It would be even better if the dark red color is a bit bluish gray. This indicates the process of burning bricks is completely mature.
The pink or slightly brown color of brick indicates an undercooked and perfect combustion process (not using wood).

Good quality bricks should be hard.

There are several easy ways to test brick hardness without using tools:

▪ With a bang. Bricks of good quality and hard will sound a loud voice and loose. Ting-ting-tinggi. Medium bricks are not hard otherwise. The sounds issued will be less loud and stifled during the pounding, prek-prek

▪ By being dropped. Take and remove a brick as high as 1 meter or more, then drop it to the ground. Bricks are hard and good quality will not break let alone crumble.

Burning Red BricksNote: Bricks that are burned with wood instead of husk or dried garbage will give better and more mature combustion results.

How to Calculate the wall volume of 1 house in m2Example how to find wall area in house with floor plan as follows, house wall height 3m. while the outer wall is 1.2m.

Home Wall PlansTotal length of wall =

high 3m = A + B + C + D + E + H + J + K = 5 + 5 + 2.5 + 2.5 + 2.5 + 8.7 + 5.2 + 7.5 = 38.9m .
high 1,2m = M + L + G = 3.3 + 4.5 + 4 = 11.8m.
Total wall area =
high 3m = 38.9m x 3m = 116,7m2.
high 1.2m = 11.8m x 1.2m = 14.16m2.
total wall area = 130.86m2.
Area of ​​door and window =
The living room window door = (2.15 x 0.9) + (0.65 x 1.6) = 2.975m2.
Kitchen room door = 2.15 x 0.9 = 1.935m2.
Bathroom door / WC = 2.15 x 0.9 = 1.935m2.
The front bedroom window = 1.35 x 1.5 = 2.025m2.
Rear bedroom window = 0.7 x 1.5 = 1.05m2.
Kitchen window = 0.7 x 1.2 = 0.84m2.
Total area of ​​doors and windows = 2.975m2 + 1.935m2 + 1.935m2 + 2.025 + 1.05 + 0.84 = 10.76 m2.
Wall volume = total wall area - area of ​​doors and windows
Wall area = 130,86m2 - 10,76m2 = 120,1 m2.So the wall area of ​​the house is 120.1 m2. then we can calculate the material needs, including bricks, sand and cement. how to see the coefficient of analysis of the price of the unit pair of brick walls.Please distributed and distributed if useful, and if you are interested to copy paste is also welcome no longer need permission, may be useful.


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