Holi Festival, Between History and Legend

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Holi Festival Welcomes Spring

The Festival Of Holi. The Festival is known for his show the typical sort of flour sprinkled each other i.e. a colorful, no matter young men, old women and children mutually sprinkled sprinkling flour color. Coloring is also done using water that's been given a special dye substances from colorful. Holi is one of the major festivals in India and is the most eager of all.

The excitement of Holi knows no bounds. This Festival is celebrated throughout the four corners of India or rather worldwide. The Festival is filled with all kinds of activities that are so fun and frolic that the very mention of the word ' Holi ' draws smile and enthusiasm among the people. Holi is also dilkasanakan as a way to celebrate the reception or the arrival of spring, the season of joy and hope.
Holi Festival In India
The History and Legend Of Holi Festival

Holi is one of the oldest festival of India. There are many fascinating stories related to the origin of the festival as one of the culture in the whole country which is different from North to South and East to West. Paintings and Scriptures depict the roots festival. Mythology plays a very important part in telling Holi festival. The most popular stories that relate to the history of the origin of the festival of Holi is related to ' Holika Dahan ' and the legend of Radha-Krishan.

The Story Of Holika Dahan

Integrally entwined with Holi, Holika Dahan ' tradition ', which is actually the lighting of bonfires. This ritual symbolizes the victory of good over evil and has its roots in a legend of the demon king Hiranyakashyap who wished to end the child Prahlad's life, blessed with the help of his sister, Holika who burnt pine and no harm occurred to Prahlad. Since then this day is celebrated in victory of good over bad.

The story of Radha and Krishan

The legend of Radha and Krishna is closely related to the tradition of colors on Holi. Young Krishna, who has dark skin jealous very beloved Radha's fair complexion. In a mischievous mood, he applied colour on Radha's face. Following this ancient legend, lovers till date long to color their beloved as an expression of love.

The Tradition of Holi Celebrations in India

Holi is famous as Basant Utsav in rural India. This is one of the major festivals in India and is celebrated with enthusiasm the high/extreme and joy. The colored "GULAL", abeer and pichkaris is synonymous with the festival. elaborate plans are being made for coloring a loved one. Everyone wants to be first to other colors. In the next battle of the colors, everyone was immersed not only in the color of the colored "gulal" but also of love and joy. People who like to wet the other and themselves in the water color. Gujiyas and other sweets are offered to all those who come in colors.

The beautiful decorated Shrine at the time of Holi. Idol Radha is placed on the swing and the swing change singing devotional Holi songs. Now-a-days small drama held reflects the spirit of the festival.

What is very much the same across the country is the spirit of Holi. Fun, Frolic, the hubbub as far as buffoonery marks this festival of colors. What else can be expected-when people get social sanction to get intoxicated on bhang, open not just their hearts ' out but also their lungs. And viola, no one expected to take offense too, as the norm these days, ' Bura na mano Holi hai '.


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