Health Benefits and How to Make Star fruit Juice

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StarFruit "Wuluh" Juice

Star fruit juice plus celery can overcome hypertension. Celery has long been known as an herbal remedy to lower high blood pressure and also as a potent herb of kidney wash. Combined with celery and starfruit wuluh obtained effective efficacy for hypertension drugs. Starfruit juice wuluh with a mixture of celery is very good consumed by people with hypertension disease is often referred to as the silent disease. Generally the patient does not know he has hypertension before checking his blood pressure. Normal systolic blood pressure is 120-140 mm Hg. While normal diastolic blood pressure is 85-90 mm Hg. High blood pressure can be caused by various lifestyle related factors, such as poor diet, smoking, lack of exercise and stress.

Wuluh Star fruit

Treatment of hypertension independently can be done with dietary arrangements include the reduction of caloric intake, especially for patients who are overweight, limit salt intake, and increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables.

In addition, consume starfruit wuluh juice - Celery is certainly very good as a beverage to overcome the problems of hypertension that you experience. Star fruit wuluh has many benefits and can be processed into herbal medicine ingredients). To make star fruit juice wuluh, the following recipe:

Recipe Juice "Belimbing(Starfruit) Wuluh" Plus Celery

Star fruit "wuluh" juice to overcome Hypertension

Material :

Belimbing wuluh 100 gr
Celery large stems 100 gr
Water matured ½ cup
Ice is ½ cup

How to make star fruit juice wuluh:

Blender starfruit wuluh, celery stems large, water and shaved ice
Serve with ice
Let more steady, can be added with honey.

Star fruit juice


Starfruit juice plus Pineapple and Watermelon to Fight Cancer
To prevent and fight cancer, it is advisable to increase the consumption of foods rich in the content of beta-carotene, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, idiol, and phenol.Fruits that are proven good to fight cancer include mushrooms, starfruit, dragon fruit, pineapple, papaya , bananas, watermelons, and strawberries.

Star fruit juice

Recipes Starfruit juice plus Pineapple and Watermelon

Ingredients :

70 grams of star fruit
70 grams of pineapple
70 grams of watermelon
syrup / sweetener / sugar to taste
Ice cubes as needed

How to make:
  • Cut all the ingredients
  • Put it in the blender
  • Add sweetener / syrup according to taste
  • Process / blender until smooth.
  • Pour into a glass
  • Serve with ice cubes to taste
  • Juice ready to be enjoyed.

Belimbing Wuluh (Wuluh Star fruit)

Belimbing (Star fruit)


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