Great Benefits Of Brown Rice Compared with Rice

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Benefits Of Brown Rice For A Healthy Body

What is the difference of White Rice with brown rice? Brown rice is one type of rice obtained from milling process or half diigiling so still in State of the berbutir intact. Red rice is actually not much different with white rice in General. The difference in brown rice and white rice lie in the creation process and his nutritional content. Brown rice is obtained from the Peel part outer shell or husk, but if rice is obtained from the peel of the skin layer in rice.
Benefits Of Brown Rice For The Health Of The Body

The benefits of brown rice

Brown Rice
There are many benefits that we can get by consuming red rice. As in the quotation from kompas.com, here are some benefits of brown rice for a healthy body.

Brown rice is indeed proven to be better than white rice because there were Brown rice in a great many nutrients good for the body. Some of these include the content of fiber, phosphorus, selenium, vitamins B1, B6, and B12. In terms of appearance, brown rice is indeed less exciting than white rice. But in terms of efficacy, brown rice is far superior.

High fiber sources

High fiber in brown rice can serve to interfere with the absorption of sugar in carbohydrates, as well as interfere with the absorption of fat that came in with the food so that it would be more healthy. So there is no harm.

May help lower cholesterol

If you have high cholesterol levels in the body, then you can drop him off by using Brown rice. With consumption routinely and regularly, so your cholesterol can be controlled because the fiber content in brown rice is higher than white rice.

The source of the energy body Shaper

As already explained above, brown rice contain Vitamin B which is the key to the formation of energy for the human body. The establishment of energy in cells, facilitated by the adequacy of vitamin b. one is on brown rice.

Can prevent cancer

Brown rice can ward off cancer-causing free radicals. So with the free radical terhambatnya that it can prevent the occurrence of cancer early on.

Indeed the price of brown rice is more expensive than on the weight of white. It is because the red rice stocks are limited so make it cost a little over white rice.


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