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Cycas javana is a kind of cycads (cycads) most rare in Indonesia. Of the seven species of cycads (Cycas) in the IUCN Red list, Cycas javana became the highest threat to the status of a species that is Endangered (EN; Threatened). One other species of cycads representing Vulnerable (Cycas falcata) are five other bears a status Near Threatened and Data Deficient.
By the IUCN Redlist, Cycas javana is listed as an endangered species, with a status of Endangered (Threatened). Cycas javana too have been included in the list of Appendix II of CITES. Indonesia was in the plant has not been entered in the list of protected plants.
Cycas javana does not have a specific name in the language of Indonesia. Along with various types of other cycads, Ornamentals is only referred to as haji Palm or cycads. The latin name of this rare ornamental plants nan is Cycas javana (Miq.) de Laub. Sinonimnya name Cycas circinalis variety javana Miq. The naming ' javana ' refers to the location of the discovery of the species in the wal of Java island.
Scientific classification of Cycas javana. Kingdom: Plantae. Divisions: Tracheophyta. Class: Cycadopsida. Order: Cycadales. Family: Cycadaceae. Genus: Cycas. Species: Cycas javana (Miq.) de Laub.
Originally, in 1842 this rare plant has been described as c. circinalis by botanist Netherlands Miquel, but later considered as c. rumphii. In 1996, the Hajj has been described as Palm Cycas javana by Laubenfels.
Cycas javana

The task force Cycas javana

Cycads are often also referred to as Cycas Palm plants such as the Saint at a glance. Although both have very distant kinship. Cycas javana have stems that are able to grow as tall as 2 to 4 metres, with a diameter of trunks reach 15-20 cm.

The leaves of the cycads Cycas javana is colored light green, glossy, and flat. Long leaf stalk around 40-60 cm. Part ' spinescent ' about 40-90% of the length of the stalk. Leaves all 24-37 cm with a width of between 10-15 cm.

Distribution and Habitat of Cycas javana

Cycas javana is a plant endemic to Indonesia. of its limited area of Java island and southern part of Sumatra island. It is possible this plant growing on some of the islands of Nusa Tenggara.

This terrestrial species grow in the area of lowland tropical rain forest. The plant is also capable of growing in the area of the slopes and the mountains of low to medium altitude, mostly on volcanic soils.

Cycads this endemic is one of the rare plants in Indonesia. Even being the most rare cycads in Indonesia. Although the number of population is not known for certain but is believed to be undergoing a drastic decrease in the snagat a result of damage to habitats that continue to occur with fast especially on the island of Java.

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