Garlic As A Herbal Medicine For Chicken Diseases

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You've probably felt very offended by the smell of the mouth of someone beside you while they talk. The disorder it is a disorder of the resulting bad breath because they love to chew the garlic. There are indeed some people who do regular health therapy chew 1 to 2 garlic cloves every day to maintain good health. Free indeed side effects if not clean while cleaning the mouth will cause an unpleasant odor that is the typical smell of garlic. Chew garlic also believed to nourish the mouth and can prevent thrush.

The benefits of garlic turns out not only for the man as a natural remedy or natural antibiotic. Garlic can also be used to treat sick livestock such as chicken.

Garlic has long been known to have many health benefits to humans such as to remedy a toothache, diarrhoea, indigestion, lowers high blood pressure, to treat canker sores, treating the flu and colds, natural remedy for ambeien and also for cough medicine.
Garlic can also be utilized as a natural antibiotic so true with the use of this material is minimal side effects. 1 (one) clove of garlic consumption routine every day will be able to increase your body's immunity.

How garlic benefits for herbal medicine free-range chicken?

How to treat chicken with Garlic

How the granting of garlic for herbal medicine that is by cutting small as rations or fodder or blended and put into the drinking water. The dose that is more or less 1/4 cloves for 1 adult chickens.

Beside as herbs chicken, garlic is also used to treat some problems that occur in chickens.

The following are the benefits of garlic for chicken.

Increase the resilience of the body

When the turn of the season certainly endurance body cock also varies due to temperature changes which sometimes vary in the extreme. To increase the durability of the body due to the weather. Granting of garlic can increase body temperature. Allicin contained in garlic is antifungal compounds. This causes the chicken becomes resistant to the attack of bacteria or viruses. Garlic can also treat flu in chickens. Fix or treat the chicken body part injured

This is because garlic is a natural antibiotic that serves as a deadly fungus and can also ward off attack germs on free-range chicken.

Treating pain in the ear

Certainly illness in chickens ears indeed difficult with lack of disease found on the ears. Administering liquid garlic in the ears can lower stress chicken due to noise (firecracker fasting month).

Relieves diarrhea

It turns out that garlic can be to treat chickens diarrhoea. The chicken is experiencing diarrhoea due to several factors such as the weather etc., give the garlic on the chicken to make it so dirt doesn't dilute. With chicken consume garlic then the digestive system will be smooth.


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