Forest Park Lumbang-Madakaripura, The New Icon of Bromo Tengger Semeru Park

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This Is The New Icon Bromo Tengger Semeru Tourism Area, Forest Park Lumbang Probolinggo, East Java Indonesia

Bromo area is indeed very well known as a tourist destination in the Regency of Probolinggo incorporated in the Bromo Tengger Semeru tourism area. To complement the tourist destinations in the area of Bromo, SOE's one alternative attractions i.e. Madakaripura Forest Park Probolinggo.
Forest Park Lumbang, East Java, Indonesia
The Fastest Route To Madakaripura Forest Park

Madakaripura Forest Park is located in the village of Negororejo, district Lumbang, Probolinggo, East Java. The location is quite near to madakaripura waterfall. Even since the opening of the Madakarpura Forest Park this madakaripura waterfall tour the more deserted. You can skip the route is from the t-junction of lumbang, navigate your journey towards madakaripura waterfall. Later about 1 km before reaching the waterfall turn left. From here the distance is approximately 700 meters more to reach the Madakaripura Forest Park.
Madakaripura Water Falls
During the two weeks after it opened, there was no retribution in for the visitors. But now it is not valid, so visitors must pay an entrance fee of Rp 5000,-. If you want to take pictures on the spot has already provided such a platform or swings must pay Rp 5000 anymore,-.

Tourist destinations of this sebernarnya just as alternative tourism and as a complement when you visit mount bromo and madakaripura, why so, tourism is more appropriate daraipada entertainment adventure. automatically officials preparing supporting facilities. Including swing, the viewing of the Sun, and sewafoto visitors or place amben selfi-selfi.

This new tourist destinations in the beginning only local tourists visited, but lately there have been many from out of town who are curious and came to this site.
The Gate of Madakaripura Forest Park


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