Explore Raja Ampat, Tourist Destination in Papua Indonesia

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Nature and Marine Landscape Seascape in the Land of Papua, Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat Islands is located in the northwest of the birds head of papua island. The island which has 610 small islands is a fraction of Sorong regency. Its area of ​​approximately 46,000 square kilometers km2.But only 6,000 km2 of land, the remaining 40,000 km2 is ocean. The area include in the Cendrawasih Bay region, which is the largest national park in Indonesia.

This is the Raja Ampat tourist attraction in Papua whose beauty is so fascinating and much to the likes of foreign tourists. Its beauty is not inferior to the underwater of Pulau Seribu or Bunaken.

Quoted from the pages tempatwisata.id, Raja Ampat offers the best claimed dive in the world. Raja Ampat in Indonesia's easternmost province spans over 4.6 million hectares. Known as the paradise of divers. There are at least 1320 species of fish, is one of the most comprehensive in the world. There are 600 species of coral reefs and 5 species of rare turtle that can be found.

To go to Raja Empat tourist area can use flight service to Sorong. From Sorong you can board the ferry to Waisai, the capital of Raja Ampat. Fly ride you should do in the morning because panorama sea in Papua is very amazing, even along the route it will also serve a very beautiful sea tour.

Large rocks similar to small islands (see photos) contained in the waters of Raja Ampat is beautiful. So you who can not dive can still enjoy from the top of the water surface. In addition to being an amazing dive site many of the international anglers who want to cook the tug from the famous Giant Traveler and Baraccuda fish are very challenging for the anglers.

If you like snorkeling and want to get a new challenge then Raja Ampat tourist attractions is the right destination for your berknorkling challenge.

Information from the local government states, of all the islands, only 35 islands are inhabited. Raja Ampat has four of the largest islands, namely Misol Island, Salawati, Bantata, and Waigeo, with government centers in Waisai City. The islands that have not been in the sea exploration has made many foreign and domestic tourists captivated to surround the entire waters of the island of Papua.


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