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A loud voice of Falcon known as the King of Space, You Can Download MP3 of Loud Voice of Falcon in Here

Eagle is known as the King of space because of the supposedly mighty Eagle is a bird that is imaged from his feed i.e. meat, good meat to other birds, meat rabbit meat or fish. If it is on land or in the Woods we know the lion as the King of the jungle, then the Eagle in the air that are "King of space".

Are You interested with a loud voice of sea eagles? Please download the loud sound of sea eagle below. Source download link from the site's popular bird omkicau.com.

Download Mp3 Sound of Sea Eagle bald 1, Please Click Here

Download MP3 of Typical Sound of Sea Eagle Bald 2, Please Click Here

Download MP3 of Loud Sound of Albatross, Please Click Here

You can collect Mp3 sounds different types of birds at this site.

Eagle is indeed not a group Twitter bird, but the loud voice of the Eagle is very typical and can vibrate the other birds are smaller and often become prey.

Falcon, The King of Space
Lots of different types of Eagles in the world. One is the sea eagles bald eagle, a very adept at hunting for fish in the ocean with his grip. Her body posture is indeed great, with a body length of 70-102 cm, with 3-body weight 6.3 kg. The female has a body posture 1.25 times larger than the male. The average body weight of the female of about 5.6 kg. When their wings spread wide, then the length can be from the tip of one wing to the other wing reached 1.8 – 2.3 meters.

If you see a stretch of its wings that can reach 2 meters is more then imagine if the type of Eagle is also a big bird or giant birds. Although most of his life was spent hunting for fish in the sea as its main food, the birds also feed on small mammals, including also eat small birds and other small animals.


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