Counting the Need for Wall Paints Per Square Meters

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How many liters or how many cans need wall paint for a certain area? Here's How to Calculate!

Formula :

Cat Requirement = Width of Wall / area 1 liter

Standard use of paint (10 - 12) m2 / liter, each coating.

For example a room with a size of 3m x 4m. with a wall height of 3m.

Cat's need is

= (2 x (3m + 4m)) x 3m / (12 m2 / liter)

= 14 m x 3m / (12 m2 / liter)

= 42 m2 / (12 m2 / liter)

= 3.5 liters

This means that the needs of Cat for the room 3m x 4m.

for 1x coating takes 3.5 liters

for 2x coating takes 7 liters or 3 cans of paint @ 2.5 liters


1 Paint Cat contains 2.5 liters, there is also a 5 liters.
1 Pail (= bucket) Cat contains 20 liters.

- Dissolution or retailing by adding 5% -25% water from the amount of paint. Mix well until used.

- To get perfect painting result, minimum 2x coating is required.

If you buy paint in kg

The above formula is multiplied by the coefficient 1.4

for 1 x coating takes 3.5 liters x 1.4 = 4.9 kg

for 2 x coating takes 7 liters x 1.4 = 9.8 kg

How to calculate the area of ​​the wall that will be in the paint, still rough, because it has not been reduced by a hole in the wall such as: doors, windows, vents etc.


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