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Nutrients In The Moringa Leaves and Health Benefit of Its

Moringa leaves contain a lot of vitamin C
Vitamin C strengthens the immune system and fight infectious diseases including influenza and colds. Fruits that taste like Orange and lemon acids contain a lot of vitamin c. Vitamin C in Moringa leaves 7 x more than oranges.

Moringa leaves contain potassium
Potassium is important for the brain and nerves. Bananas are an excellent source of potassium. Moringa (Kelor in Indonesian) leaves contain potassium 3 x more than bananas.

Moringa leaves are rich in Vitamin A
Vitamin A acts as a patron against eye diseases, skin, heart, diarrhea, and many other minor ailments. Carrot known highly rich in vitamin a. vitamin A But on the leaves of the Moringa 4 x higher than in carrots.

Since antiquity the Moringa leaves has been known to have various efficacy especially for health. The age of the parents had been utilizing this kelor leaves for healing several types of disease. The most common diseases treated with the use of the moringa leaves of this disease are fever. In addition, the moringa leaves is also commonly used for vegetables.

Of some existing literature, Moringa leaves known as antimicrobial, antibacterial, antioxidant, speed healing of various inflammatory disease, treat the flu and colds, intestinal worms, bronchitis, cancer, and thyroid. Some literature even mentions that this cures kelor leaves also to control simplek herpes virus and HIV/AIDS.

Question why do the moringa leaves has so many benefits for health, especially in treating various diseases? This is due to the high nutritional content of various types of vitamins and minerals in kelor leaves. For example, vitamin C in leafy kelor turns out could reach seven times the vitamin C in oranges.

No wonder the kelor leaves has benefits as an antioxidant. What about vitamin A? It turns out that the content of vitamin A in Moringa leaves (kelor) is quadrupled compared with the content of vitamin A in carrots. Next, the content of calcium in leaves of the kelor turned out to contain four times more in comparison with the calcium of milk.

There are still many mineral substances content in moringa leaves cures to maintain the health of the body. No wonder, when it leaves kelor become popular again for use as alternative for the treatment of various diseases. In addition to the more secure, because the material using one hundred percent natural, moringa leaves without a mixture of chemical substances, will also be cheaper because the material is easy to come by.
Moringa ( Kelor in Indonesian Language)
Moringa leaves contain calcium
Calcium builds strong bones and teeth and helps prevent osteoporosis. Milk provides plenty of calcium in calcium but leaves more than 4 x the kelor calcium milk. Kelor leaves can help rebuild a weak bones, overcoming a shortage of blood and help the mothers to meet the nutritional deficiency of nutrition for her baby. Doctors in Africa using kelor leaves for the treatment of diabetes and in India moringa leaves is used to treat high blood pressure.

From the results of the analysis of the content of the nutrients can be known that moringa leaves has the potential to complement the needs of nutrients in the body. By eating the leaves of the moringa then the balance of nutrients in the body will be fulfilled so that people who consume the moringa leaves will helped to increase energy and endurance.
Nutrition content of Moringa

In addition, Moringa leaves also helps to address various complaints caused due to the deficiency of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A deficiency (eyesight), Choline deficiency (FAT buildup in the liver), deficiency of vitamin B1 ( beri-beri), deficiency of vitamin B2 (dry skin and chapped), deficiency of vitamin B3 (dermatitis), scurvy (bleeding gums), lack of calcium (osteoporosis), iron deficiency (anemia), lack of protein (hair cracked and growth disorders in children).


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