Characteristics of a Limousin Bull, Choose a Prime Quality

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Limousine Bull is a kind of superior bulls that are currently very popular in the community in Indonesian country. These Bulls are becoming very popular and sought after small breeders after many breeders who managed to make it into a Very Big Bull aka "monster cattle super jumbo size" with a weight above 1 ton with a very nice physical performance. This Limousine cattle his fame compete with this type of Simmental beef cattle or among ranchers in Indonesia call that the simmental beef cattle known as "Metal".

Often there is still only a confused breeders differentiate between types of bulls with beef Simmental Limousine. This usually occurs at the beginning and not at the breeder breeders who are already experienced in keeping the bulls for fattened.

As an answer to new or prospective breeder, breeders over the question of Bull Limousine then here is information about the traits found in limousin bulls and also some advantages of this bull to fattenned.

Some of the General characteristics and advantages Of Beef Excellence Limousine and Simmental

LIMOUSIN BEEF CATTLE TRAITS (Characteristics of Limousin Beef Cattle)
  • Most of the cows Brown Limousine types young, yellow a bit gray
  • This cow has a great body shape, long, compact and dense.
  • This type of superior cows is very suitable in areas that have a high rainfall.
  • Very suitable to be kept in areas with a temperate climate.
  • With a good feed of treatment and maintenance-intensive menajemen, Limousine bull has the Agency's growth is very fast compared to other type.
  • Be created as a Bull "monsters" with Jumbo size. The weight of adult males reach 1,000 kg more, some even reaching above weight 1.2 tons.
  • The meat quality is good
  • High Percentage of Carcass and good quality of meat.
  • Size of bone is good to fattenned, up to 1 ton weight.
  • Good muscle mass so that when the cow was made into a "monster" aka Bull Jumbo body shape and appearance of muscle burly Limousine look Bull.


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