Caladi Batu (Meiglyptes tristis) Woodpecker Endemic of Java

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Woodpeckers is a bird of the family Piciformes. Worldwide there are up to 216 species of woodpeckers commonly known as Woodpeckers, Flameback, Yellownape, Goldenback, or Piculet. Indonesia itself has up to 30 types of woodpeckers. In Indonesia, some types of woodpeckers are known as Caladi. One of them is the stone, Caladi Woodpecker endemic to Java at once the most rare woodpeckers in Indonesia.

Caladi Batu (Meiglyptes tristis) is a woodpecker endemic to the island of Java. The area of its only exists in the western part of Java island. Caladi Stone became one among dozens of kinds of Woodpeckers that live in Indonesia. In addition to the bears as endemic, Caladi Stone has become the rarest species of woodpeckers in Indonesia.
Scientific Classification: The Kingdom Of Stone Caladi: Animalia. Phylum: Chordata. Class: Aves. Order. Piciformes; Family: Piciformes. Genus: Meiglyptes. Species: Meiglyptes tristis (Horsfield, 1821).
The latin name of this endemic is Meiglyptes tristis (Horsfield, 1821). Earlier, woodpeckers are considered consists of two subspecies, namely m. t. grammithorax (Malherbe, 1862) and m. t. tristis (Horsfield, 1821). But then each type considered distinctive covers Meiglyptes tristis (Horsfield, 1821) or White-rumped Woodpecker (Caladi Stone) and grammithorax Meiglyptes (Malherbe, 1862) or Buff-rumped woodpecker.

Woodpeckers Caladi Stone (White-rumped Woodpecker) are small. Its body length ranges between 17-18 cm. Short-Tail striped black and white. Any body feathers are black with white stripes, except feather at the tunggir white-yellowish. Head and neck up to the upper chest grey-brown. The head of the male nuanced red malar area, redness. The Crown feathers are sometimes raised as a crest.

Bird Stone Caladi is native birds and endemic birds of Indonesia. Its area is limited in the West which includes baian Java Banten, Jakarta, West Java, Central Java and parts of the West. Its Habitat is primarily in the area of lowland forests with an altitude below 1500 meters above sea level. In discover primary forest inhabited or secondary to the coastal region. Persebarannya is much more narrow than the nearby brother Meiglyptes grammithorax, which can be found on Sumatra, Borneo, to Malaysia, Thailand, and Myanmar.
Meiglyptes tristis Caladi Stone
Meiglyptes tristis Caladi Rock specimens
Meiglyptes grammithorax
Meiglyptes grammithorax, was once considered the same species Caladi stone (Meiglyptes tristis)

The bird population of the Piciformes (Woodpeckers) is estimated to range between 1,000 – 2,500 birds mature. This population continues to decline due to habitat damage that continues to take place. In Java, most rare Woodpecker habitat is much changed to agricultural land, mining, and settlements. Even the birds have very rarely found.
The Regional Distribution Of Caladi Stone

The Regional Distribution Of Caladi Stone

With the limited distribution and threats to continue making the preserved Bird Life International and the IUCN conservation status as species include it Endangered (threatened, EN). This status makes Caladi Stone as a species of woodpeckers Indonesia's most endangered.

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