Bukit Seroja, The New Tourist Destinations in Wonosobo, Central Java, Indonesia

Nature Tourism Seroja Hill (Bukit Seroja),  The New Icons Tourist Destination in Wonosobo, Indonesia
Located Seroja Hill is in Wonosobo, a small city in East Java, Indonesia
Bukit Seroja or Seroja Hill which is just above the Menjer Lake, has a natural charm. Visitors can see the beauty of the Lake Menjer from the top of the Hill. As in the Sikunir Hills, tourists can also witness the beauty of sunrise above the Lake Menjer.

Telaga Menjer. It is the largest natural lake in Wonosobo Regency. Located at an altitude of 1300 meters above sea level, with an area of 70 Ha and a depth of 45 meters. The Lake Menjer is situated in the village of Maron Subdistrict Garung Wonosobo Regency 12 km north of the town of Wonosobo.

Though equally offers panoramic views of the sunrise as Sikunir Hill, in the hills of East Timor would be vacationers presented different views with menyembulnya the sunrise over Lake Menjer. Not only that, when the weather is nice, you can see the beauty of the town of Wonosobo from the top of Seroja Hill.

Access to the pool of Menjer of Wonosobo Terminal fairly easy, staying small or micro bus ride to Dieng Batur well later before the market there is a t-junction towards Garung HYDROPOWER Garung descend there continue with motorcycle because there is no access public transportation heading to Lake Menjer. If we carry vehicle such as a car or motorcycle we can head to Lake Menjer about 4 km from the junction gate HYDROPOWER Garung just follow his path to enter and pay Rp 5,000, ticket-only. 
 There are actually two sides of if we want to get into the pool of Menjer but I prefer that the left side of the Lake because the scenery is nice can see Mount Sindoro from a distance. After until we can directly take a photograph and enjoy that morning, still feels cool because the Sun has yet to rise. We can ride the boat cruising around the Lake, by paying Rp 15,000, – we can walk around the Lake is about 70 Ha. The water in this very quiet due to the quietness of the depths that reach 60 m and trough-shaped or Cone. The air is cold enough because of this Lake lies at an elevation 1300 Mdpl right below mount Sikudi.

Seroja Hills Location

The Seroja Hill is located in Wonosobo, in the village of Maron, Garung, Wonosobo, Central Java Indonesia. In addition, you can also access this site from the village of Sembungan, Kreo and Maron. To climb to the top of Seroja Hill, it takes approximately 20 minutes. You will be accompanied by melodious Hill atmosphere and sound the sound of animals as beautiful natural music. In addition to insect a sound performance of insects, there are also birds bird humming the earth ground idioms make your trip be not boring. Access to it is not so difficult, you can use your vehicle to get there. Arriving at Lake Menjer, there will be billboards that reads menjer nature tours. You just need to go through the village and farm roads agricultural expanse of the citizens. From Maron right down to the location of the distance is approximately 2 to 3 kilo meter. You can use the car  and motor trail.

Lake Menjer, Viewing From Seroja Hill
Seroja Hill, A Best Place to View a Beautifully of Lake Menjer


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