Breakfast and Dinner Can Make You Fat, Fact or Myth?

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Who says breakfast and the evening meal (Dinner) can make you Fat?

In fact, three meals a day quite healthy. Of origin, food consumed are also healthy.

A great one if you don't have breakfast out of fear the weight up. For breakfast instead of making weight You can be more controlled.

People who like breakfast thus tend to have a more controlled weight if compared to those who do not like to eat in the morning.

Why can it be so?

According to one theory, a healthy breakfast can reduce hunger throughout the day and help us choose other healthy food menu as well.

Because, otherwise, we would surely starve. As a result, so we eat more while eating lunch and eat more.

Not only being able to control your weight, a healthy breakfast gives us the energy to play all day.

Breakfast was also able to improve concentration and performance of us, keeping the body's endurance, and even lowers cholesterol levels.

Should be also noted, that its origin is swallowed do not. According to most research, healthy breakfast containing protein and/or whole grains contribute to weight loss.

Not the breakfast menu is loaded with fat and calories.

Breakfast menu with rich protein and fiber, we'll feel full longer and appetite can be controlled through the day.

Don't forget also to include fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals.


Then how about dinner? In addition to not want breakfast, many are also reluctant to have dinner with the same motivation. Namely, that the needle of the scales not moving much more to the right.

But dinner was not banned, the origin of the size or the numbers are reduced.

It is advisable to avoid ' snacking ' or eating again after dinner.

Two things that are a factor supporting body weight riding road.

If you have dinner, but the stomach growls engrossed, recommended for non drinking calories or eating a pack of candy only.

In addition, it reduces the temptation ' snacking ' in the middle of the night can also be done by brushing teeth after dinner.

When it's a toothbrush, definitely lazy to eat a packet of potato chips, cookies or ice cream. Not so?

So, actually three meals a day – breakfast, lunch, and dinner – that's healthy.

In fact, according to early research, people who eat three times a day have the fat levels in the blood.

Well, the important thing remember the key word, choose healthy food menu.

Healthy menu can consist of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fat-free dairy products or low in fat, meat without fat, poultry, fish, nuts, and eggs.

Oh yes, don't forget to choose a snack that's low content of saturated fats, trans fats, cholesterol, salt, and sugar.

In addition, note the necessity of daily calories You according to age and gender.

Obvious isn't it? If you want his weight down, let's get breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Don't forget to exercise and a lot of movement to burn calories and fat.


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