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Spectacular Nature Tourism Raja Ampat - World's Best Diving Spot

The Raja Ampat Islands are a series of four adjacent island clusters located in the western part of the Bird's Head of the Island of Papua. Administratively, this cluster is under Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua Province.

The area of ​​the Raja Ampat Islands: 15,444 mi²

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The beauty of Raja Ampat must have been fixed in your mind. Unfortunately, it takes a little money to witness the charm of this archipelago. But, you can get around some things to get there with minimal budget!

To travel in Raja Ampat, tourists are charged an Environmental Service Maintenance Fee (TLPL) set at Rp 500,000 per person for domestic tourists and Rp 1 million per person for foreign tourists. This rate can be paid at the port or office of Raja Ampat Regency.

When the new Raja Ampat famous, the traveler spent dozens to tens of millions to be able to enjoy the beautiful nature. Over time, the traveler becomes more "smart" in finding ways to make the island of West Papua beautiful that can be enjoyed directly.

The first thing to keep in mind is that the more people who participate, the less spending. This is because the majority of transportation facilities used in Raja Ampat are rented, from cars to boats to get around. So take as many "crews" as you can!

Could be, this is your biggest expense while in Raja Ampat. Keep in mind, Raja Ampat is an archipelago, with a total of 1,864 islands. If you want to tour nature in Raja Ampat, you need a boat boat island hopping. The high price of fuel in Raja Ampa is very influential on motor boat rental prices. For example to go to Wayag from Waisai, budget required Rp 13 million PP. Toward Pianemo from Waisai required budget Rp 8 million PP. To Teluk Mayablibit from Waisai it takes budget Rp 6 million rupiah PP. One motor boat can usually be charged 10-12 people. Therefore, to reduce the transport budget in Raja Ampat, go in groups. Kemam

To reach Raja Ampat from Jakarta, there are three alternatives. First, use the PELNI ship (Rp 700.000-800.000 / person, one way). The cheapest, but the longest journey. 5 Days 4 nights to arrive in Sorong City.

The second alternative is to buy direct flight promo tickets to Sorong. Sriwijaya Airlines for example, once gave promo Buy 1 Get 1 Free. This applies to two people, with only Rp 1 million per person. Stay twice for the round trip.

The third option is to make a flight (promo course) from Jakarta to Ambon, then continue with the PELNI ship from Ambon-Sorong. But get ready, because the ship PELNI is only stopped about once a week.

In Raja Ampat there are many choices of accommodation types such as hotels, resorts, and homestays. For backpacker, homestay is the right choice because the price per night is the lowest. The price range of homestay in Raja Ampat starts from Rp 250.000. per night. Advice KompasTravel, choose a homestay close to the sights or dive sites you want to visit. This will affect the cost of transportation. To find a homestay in Raja Ampat, you can open the official homepage of the Raja Ampat Homestay Business Association at http://www.stayrajaampat.id/

In Sorong, you can hire a 5 person taxi (about Rp 50,000-70,000 each way) to the People's Port. Before boarding a boat to Waisai (the capital of Raja Ampat), you should buy the supplies first. Drinking water is plenty, as well as instant food such as noodles. The price of food in Sorong is cheaper than Raja Ampat.

There are two boats with the route Sorong-Waisai, both depart each at 14.00 WIT. The first is a fiber boat (Rp 120,000 / person, 3 hours journey). It's cheaper to use wooden boats (about Rp 70,000 / person, about 5-6 hours depending on wave size).

From the port of Waisai, you can use ojek services to find lodging in the city (about Rp 20.000, 15 minutes journey). But before checking in, you must go to the local Depbudpar office. Each tourist who enters into the Raja Ampat area is charged a conservation fee of Rp 200,000 (domestic tourists) and Rp 500,000 (foreign tourists).

Budget meal in Raja Ampat is actually not great. Generally, lodging in Raja Ampat like a homestay even provide three meals a day. This includes room rates. Unfortunately beyond that, the food seller is a bit difficult unless you are traveling in Waisai area, the capital of Raja Ampat Regency. Food prices start from Rp 20,000 per serving. Before eating, it's good to ask the seller how much the price of food. Also do not forget to bring food before island hopping or diving because the trip will be far enough.

The cheapest lodging in Waisai is set at Rp 200.000 / room / night. If you want to be more efficient, you can do "approach" with the local people and stay in exchange for food or money. Want to save more? Tent a tent on the coastal shores!

If you want to explore Raja Ampat the next day, get up at 04.00 WIT. Head to Waisai Market, and see the ranks of boats (local people call them "long boats") that can be hired through bargains with fishermen. It costs about Rp 2 million (including the ship and the fisherman itself as a driver), but not including fuel. The price of fuel itself Rp 10.000 / liter.

Wayag is the traveler's favorite destination. This is the icon Raja Ampat you usually see on the glass screen, a dark blue ocean decorated with small green mountains. Before traveling to this place, you should bring plenty of food and drink. Because along the way, groceries can only be found in dive resorts that are certainly more expensive dibandrol.

To reach Wayag it takes about 400 liters of gasoline. In other words, the total expenditure of long boat with Waisai-Wayag-Waisai route is Rp 7 million. But just calm down, 1 long boat can be filled up to 14 people. Aliases, you only spend Rp 500,000 for trips over 12 hours.

This long distance is not without meaning. Along the way, you can stop off to some snorkeling points like Five Rocks and Kabui Bay. If you want to dive you should use dive agents in Waisai, one of them Waiwo Dive Resort. Once dives minimum Rp 400,000 / person.

Arriving at Wayag, you must first report to the local marine conservation office. The fisherman is well aware of this, so you just have to remind him. Fishermen also know the favorite points of the traveler when visiting this beautiful Wayag charming.

If you depart 4 people for 3 days 2 nights, all of the above will spend about Rp 4.7 million only. Especially if members of the group of more than 5, or maybe 10 if you bring family and friends closest. Well, what are you waiting for? Raja Ampat in sight!

A cost-saving way to Raja Ampat

The Jakarta-Sorong flight fare with Express Air reaches Rp3.9 million per person with a six-hour travel time due to transit in Makassar for two hours. Arriving at Domine Eduard Osok Airport, Sorong, tourists can use the city transportation to Sorong Port which is only 10 minutes from the airport, just with the fare of Rp5.000. If using a motorcycle taxi, the fare is around Rp15.000 and Rp100.000 if using a rental car.

From the harbor, use the ferry which departs only at 14.00 WIT every day to Waisai, the capital of Raja Ampat located on Waigeo Island with tariff Rp120.000. It takes three to five hours when using a ferry, depending on the height of the ocean waves. If using a speedboat with a capacity of 20 passengers, the cost used is much more expensive. Can reach Rp 8 million per day.

The high cost of travel due to the price of fuel oil in Raja Ampat Rp10.000 per liter. It is often difficult to obtain. Therefore, it is advisable to travel with groups if you want to use high-speed boats are wasteful of fuel. Travel costs can be shared. With a speedboat it takes two to three hours to get to Waisai before enjoying a number of other places in Raja Ampat.

In Waisai, tourists can choose home stay (house residents) rented Rp450.000 per night, including meals. For diving (diving) and sailing exploration to the islands in Raja Ampat tourists can rent a resident boat. For once diving, the cost to be spent around Rp700.000. With details of diving rate around Rp450.000 per person plus equipment rental Rp250.000 per day. While the cost for full snorkeling equipment rental (snorkel, frog legs, and buoys) is cheaper, Rp100.000.

Waisai is just a transit place. Maritime tourism destination is located on a number of islands around it. To enjoy the beauty of the Wayag Islands that became the icon of Raja Ampat, for example, takes about six hours drive home from Waisai. The journey can only be reached by speedboat which the rent price between Rp7 million to Rp14 million from Waisai. Depending on how long to use it.

Generally, tourists enjoy the beauty of Wayag the longest two hours because there is no place to stay. Good thing there's Kabui Bay. Another place in Raja Ampat is touted as miniature Wayag because its shape almost resembles Wayag which is composed by a group of islands. Almost all islands in Kabui Bay are karst cliffs that are covered with vegetation.

Raja Ampat itself is a large island, which surrounds there are small islands that are not less beautiful. Here are four of them:

1. Misool Island

Misool Island became the path of large animals such as whales and octopuses. Photo from weird-tales.com/IDN Times.

Misool Island became the path of large animals such as whales and octopuses. Photo from weird-tales.com/IDN Times

The island is directly adjacent to Seram Sea so it has a large open sea. This strategic location makes Misool Island into a pathway of large animals such as whales and octopuses.

The sea water on the island is green toska with white sand around it. The environment is filled with tropical forest trees and green mangroves.

On this island visitors can do various activities, ranging from snorkeling, diving, swimming, or just relaxing to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

2. Waigeo Island

Waigeo Island is also known as Amberi. Photo from imiqbal.files / IDN Times

The island, also known as Amberi, is located between Halmahera Island and Papua Island. This island is one of the easiest islands to reach by public transport compared to the islands around Raja Ampat.

In addition to a beautiful diving location, visitors can also find beautiful, towering cliff-top bays. Waigeo Island also has a large jungle forest, but most are still inaccessible.

3. Batanta Island

Batanta Island provides a tourist village. Photos from triptrus / IDN Times

On this island visitors can find Batanta waterfalls located in the interior of the mangrove forest. Behind the waterfall is also a small cave that can only be entered by five people.

On Batanta Island there are the tourist villages of Marandanweser and Waiweser, where visitors can stay and feel the native life of the local community.

4. Salawati Island

Salawati Island is still not crowded by tourists. Photo from Rajaampatholidays / IDN Times

Salawati Island is not too crowded and its nature is still pure. This island is a silent witness of World War II, evident from the relics of Dutch and Japanese bunkers found on this island. Not only that, on this island visitors can find salawati rainbow fish that only exist in this island.

source: kaskus and others

Pulau Misool menjadi jalur lintasan hewan-hewan besar seperti ikan paus dan gurita. Foto dari weird-tales.com/IDN Times

Pulau Waigeo juga dikenal dengan nama Amberi. Foto dari imiqbal.files/IDN Times

Pulau Batanta menyediakan desa wisata. Foto dari triptrus/IDN Times

Pulau Salawati masih belum ramai oleh turis. Foto dari rajaampatholidays/IDN Times


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