Benefits of Turi Tree Flower, For Health and Medicine

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"Pecel" enthusiasts of course very familiar with the turi flower, yes flowers that taste bit-bitter but many who menggemarinya. Turi plant is very easy to grow, usually seeds obtained by seeding seeds or take seeds that have grown around an old tree. Turi flower is a flower of a turi plant that has the Latin name Sesbania Grandiflora. The function of turi flower on Javanese society is used as a barrier fence of fields or rice fields. The use of turi flowers is not only for limiting plants but also used as vegetables. Turi flower is usually in the form of oseng flower turi / saute flower turi sometimes also in cooking as flower turi flower which has many nutrient content and nutrient content. The type of flower turi there are two differentiated according to the color of the flower, is a white flowering turi, called turi

white, red violet flower turi is called red turi. Turi flower cultivation is by matching the seeds of the turi.

Turi flowers can be found below 1200 m above sea level. Turi tree 'thin' flowers short-lived, height 5-12 m, twigs often hanging. The outer skin of the turi plant is gray to brown, uneven, with longitudinal grooves and irregular grooves, the cork layer is easily peeled off. On the inside is watery and a bit slimy. New branching comes out after plant height about 5 m. Leaves of compound turi flowers are scattered, with leaf penumpu a length of 0.5-1 cm. Leaf length 20-30 cm, finite even, with 20-40 pairs of short-stemmed leaves. Leaflets jorong shape elongated, flat edge, 3-4 cm long, 0.8-1.5 cm wide. Flower shape and flower structure of turi, large flowers in bunches that come out from the armpits of the leaves, its location hanging with 2-4 stemmed flowers, flower part turi shaped crescent shape, length 7-9 cm. When blooming, the flowers are butterflies. There are 2 varieties, which are white flowering and red flowering. The shape of the pod is dangling, ribbon-shaped with a divider between, 20-55 cm long, 7-8 mm wide. Seeds 15-50, located across the pod.

Turi Flower Region Name:
Turi, toroy, (Java). turi (Sumatra). deafness, turi, turing, ulingalo ,; suri, gongo gua, java (Sulawesi). tuwi, palawu, kalala; gala-gala, yours, ghunga, ngganggala (Nusa Tenggara)

Turi Flower Chemical Content

The bark of the turi plant contains: Tanin, egatin, zantoagetin, basorin, resin, calcium oxalate, sulfur, peroxidase, dyestuff.

Leaves of turi plants contain: Saponins, tannins, glycosides, peroxidases, vitamins A and B.

Flower turi contains: Calcium, iron, sugar substances, vitamins A and B

Benefits and Benefits Interest For Health
Treat Thrush
Sore throat
Sore throat
Dysentery and dysentery
Nails Swollen
Treating Whitish
Treat Common Cough and Cough Up Sputum
Fever Babies
Nose runny and Headache
Chicken pox and fever
Pipe Linu
Benefits of turi flowers for breast is to add breast milk for breastfeeding mothers
The benefits of turi flowers for beauty is to soften the skin

Turi Herbal Herbs

Sore throat: Leaves of one handful red turi. Clean wash. Boil with water until it boils. Chill and strain ,. Use water to rinse, do 4x in a day.

Sprue: Take the skin of fresh turi bar to taste, wash, then knead in water. Wear to rinse, do 3x a day.

Dysentery: The skin of the red tiger stem a thousand fingers, boil with 2 cups of water until the water just a glass. Chill, then strain. Drink 2x a day once drink 1 glass.

fingernails that stumble or knock: Take the leaves turi sufficiently. Clean wash. Then tumbuklah until smooth. Paste over the sore nails and surrounding skin, then dress with a cloth. Replace the herb 2-3 times a day. a blood clot in the nail will be lost and lessen the pain.

Whitish: one-handed turi leaf, turmeric one thousand fingers, wash clean, then pound until smooth, give boiled water 3/4 cup, stir until blended, squeeze and strain. Drink twice a day.

Chicken pox and fever eruption: Take the skin of the stem turi a thousand fingers, wash and boil with enough water. Chill then strain, then drink at once.

Colds and headaches: Take a single-handed turi leaf, flower one handful. Mash the two ingredients until smooth, give 1/2 cup of cooking water, mix well, then strain and drink a cup.

Fever due to childbirth: Take a turi leaf 1/3 handheld, then finely mashed, add 1/2 cup boiled water, stir, filter, then drink at once.

Cough: Take a red leaf of a handful, leaves a handheld inggu one, wash it, and pound until smooth, add pecel juice, stir smpai flat, then strain, then drink.

Cough with phlegm: Take root of turi for your index finger, wash it, then pound until smooth, give water 1/2 cup and honey 1 spoon, then stir until blended, strain with a cloth and drink at once.

Breast Milk Addition: Take young turi leaves, steam and use to eat.

Puri linu: Take root of red turi tree to taste, wash, then mash until smooth, add enough water, stir until it becomes dough like porridge, then rub on the sick body part.

Tighten And Enlarge Breasts With Turi Flowers

It turns out turi flower is also very well used as a traditional herb to tighten and enlarge breasts. How can you refer to the following.

Take the turi flowers to taste, then wash until clean.

Boil turi flower that has been washed and then separate the turi flowers with boiled water.

Let the water decoction turi flowers until cool then drunk.

For the flowers tour can be consumed as a vegetable or cooked.

Perform the way regularly until you get the ideal breast as you wish. You can also make turi flowers as a dish every day.

Quite a lot also turns out the benefits of turi plant, ranging from flowers to leaves all there are benefits. Cultivation of the tree is also very very easy, so wait let alone immediately plant turi tree and take a myriad of benefits.


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