Benefits of Noni Leaf and Fruits (Mengkudu) For Health

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Mengkudu or keumeudee (aceh); pace, kemudu, kudu (Java); your cangkudu (sunda); kodhuk (madura); tibah (bali) comes from southeast asia, belongs to rubiaceae family. Other names for this plant are noni (hawaii), nono (tahiti), nonu (tonga), ungcoikan (myanmar) and ach (hindi).

This plant grows in the lowlands up to an altitude of 1500 m. high mengkudu tree reach 3-8 m, have white flower node. the fruit is a compound, which remains young and shiny green with spots, and when it is old white with black spots.

Traditionally, the people of Aceh use Noni fruit as vegetable and salad. the leaves are also used as among the ingredients nicuh peugaga which often appear as a menu must break the fast. therefore, mengkudu is often planted near rural dwellings in aceh. besides that mengkudu also often used as material of medicine.

The origins of "mengkudu"

The origin of mengkudu can not be separated with the existence of polynesians who settled in the Pacific Ocean islands. recognized polynesian nation came from (southeast asia). on th. 100 sm, a popular nation dare to wander. without the obvious that they cross the ocean leaving their homeland. there was the impression some of the nomads were disappointed by one thing and the purpose of avoiding oneself from life in the first place. after a long wandering, they reached more or less polynesia, namely the islands in the more or less south pacific. some of these adventurers soon fell in love when they saw the beautiful panorama, the beach situation, and the island.

Uniquely, they seemed to have prepared themselves to switch to another island. This subject can be proven therefore there are as many plants and animals that were brought along, because it is thought to be absolute to keep alive. some native plants, like bananas, taro, sweet potatoes, breadfruit, sugarcane, and mengkudu, brought. among those who brought it, there are still shaped cuttings and shoots. among the plants, namely mengkudu, mistaken for sacred goods. since 1500 th. then the island community that is currently referred to hawaii know mengkudu as noni. they suspect a plant called latin morinda citrifolia has many benefits. they see it as a magic plant hawaii, because this fruit is recognized to cure various types of diseases.


Noni tree is not so big, its height at 4-6 m. the stems are crooked, stiff, rough, and have the roots that are stuck inside. bark of gray-brown or yellowish brown-kuniangan, shallow-split, hairless, four-membered branches. the canopy is very green for th .. wood mengkudu easy once split after being dried. can be used for the support of pepper plants.


Lean mengkudu not thin shiny. Noni leaves are face to face. the size of the leaves are large, not thin, and single. has a jorong-lanceolate shape, measuring 15-50 times 5-17 cm. flat leaf edges, short pointed tip. leaf base in the form of pegs. pinnate leaf veins. shiny hiaju color, not hairy. short leaf base, measuring 0, 5-2, 5 cm. the leaf size of the leaf is varied, in the form of a wide triangle. mengkudu leaves can be eaten as vegetables. high nutritional value due to many have vitamin content. a. which he said can cure ambein


Flowers compound compound, inflorescence round type round, stemmed 1-4 cm, grow in the armpits of leaf leverage dealing with leaves that grow normally. sissy flowers, white flower crown, funnel shape, the length can reach 1, 5 cm. stamens stuck in the crown mouth. a two-stroke pistil. the flower blooms from the petals in the form of clusters. flowers are white, fragrant.


Compound fruit, formed from the will of the united fruit and the inner bongkol; gradual fruit changes follow the flower-spreading system that begins from the sides of the ends of the bumps to the base; diameter 7, 5-10 cm. the surface of multiple fruits is divided into polygonal (multi-sided) spots that are mottled and warty, coming from the remains of their single fruit. green color when mengkal, welcome ripe to be yellowish white, and then white pale when ripe. soft fruit, composed of pyramidal fruit with white flesh, formed from mesokarp. pulp has a water content that smells like rotten cheese or goat odor arising due to mixing of capric acid (fatty acid with ten carbon atoms), c10), caproic acid (c6), and caprylic acid (c8). is considered the 2 most recent compounds in the form of active antibiotics.

Gynecology and Benefits of Noni fruit

Nutritional substances: with total mengkudu is a fruit full nutritious food. nutritional substances that the body needs, like proteins, vitamins, and absolute minerals, there are in sufficient quantities on the fruit and leaves mengkudu. selenium, among the minerals present in mengkudu is a great antioxidant. various types of compounds contained when mengkudu: xeronine, plant sterois, alizarin, lycine, sosium, caprylic acid, arginine, proxeronine, quinine antelope, trace elemens, phenylalanine, magnesium, and others.

Benefits Noni fruit for health

Terpenoid. these substances help in the organic synthesis system as well as the recovery of some body cells.

anti-bacterial substances. the active substances contained in the juice mengkudu it can kill bacteria trigger infection, like pseudomonas aeruginosa, morganii protens, staphylococcus aureus, bacillus subtilis, and escherichia coli. the antibacterial agent can also control the pathogenic bacteria (deadly) like salmonella montivideo, s. scotmuelleri, s. typhi, as well as shigella dusenteriae, s. flexnerii, s. pradysenteriae, and staphylococcus aureus.

Scolopetin. scolopetin compounds are very efficient as anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic.

Anti-cancer substances. anti-cancer substances that exist in mengkudu very efficient against some abnormal cells.

Xeronine as well as proxeronine. between the absolute alkaloid that is contained in the noni fruit xeronine. Noni fruit contains only a small amount of xeronine, but many contain the ingredients (precursors) xeronine in other words proxeronine in large quantities. proxeronine is a type of nucleic acid like other colloids. xeronine is absorbed by some body cells to activate inactive proteins, regulate the arrangement and form of active cells.

Noni leaves useful to relieve hemorrhoid or hemorrhoids and increase endurance.
  • For patients with hemorrhoid, juice mengkudu fairly quickly deflate hemorrhoids are swollen. The benefits will be felt after eating mengkudu leaves.
  • consuming decoction of noni leaves is also very good when the condition of his body sluggish due to fatigue. drink mengkudu stew when hemorrhoids recurrent., efficacy fast and efficacious.
  • Boil two leaves of noni leaves with two glasses of water for consumption once. After boiling and cooling, the stew is taken twice.
  • Noni leaf juice also has benefits such as noni fruit. from various notes mengkudu content known to the benefits of leaves to treat some diseases.
  • Diseases that can be cured from mengkudu leaf preparations include for fever, dysentery, dizziness, vomiting and nausea, digestion, until the spasms of the intestine. "Usually use with drinking stew, depending on what disease with different doses.
  • As a hemorrhoids healing remedy, Noni leaves have compounds that can accelerate the swelling deflation and pursue wounds. The content is one of the anti-inflammatory properties of natural ingredients.
In addition, the leaves "mengkudu" many used as additional ingredients for the concoction of body slimming herbs. mengkudu leaves can be combined with yellow leaf Java, temu sleigh, and lime. Appropriate dose of each material pounded and given boiled water. Drink the juice twice a day.


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